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Days turned to night
& the calendar changed
Waiting for the right thing
When time looked strange.

India has its culture
Displayed in customs & traditions
India is known for it's unique
Festivals & celebrations

Gratitude is more than being thankful
When the emotion is expressed
It's about giving more than handful
And yet feeling blessed


Hope is a seed
Saying; there are better things ahead
It's a good deed
Cause happiness it spread

Thanks to my family
They help me grow with values
Thanks to my friends
They Support my decisions


The Ocean has its Mysterious Peace
You never know what's there
The waves above with gentle wind
& Below with Anonymous care


Walking by a silent Street
Was a little girl with verve
What amazed me most of all
Was her smiling curve

If we seek; we will find
If we stop; we're left behind
It's our Focus that we bind
Opportunity is controlled in our mind

You saw me mama
& I know you smiled
I feel so pleasant
All the while

If God someday ask me
Were you a good son
I can say: Yes Lord

God is my gardener
My life is his ground
He has planted many Roses
All in and around

It's raining outside
But my eyes are damp
For a person I love
My heart just cramps

Praise the Lord;
When you achieve
Praise the lord
Because you believe

Last Day at Siemens Worli
Our Hearts feels so sad
The office we worked together
And always felt so glad

Nothing Can Replace
A Mothers Love
She is the One
To Believe in You


I may write a Quote
Or Verse a Rhyme
But That Doesn't Mean
I have a lot of time


Fear not within your soul
Cause fear brings a Snare
We begin to lose self Control
& Trapped Everywhere

The world is of Plastic
We feel it's fantastic
There are less of Trees
We think we're Stress free

All Like to dream
Isn't it true?
When Dreams are Sweet
We find it few


It originates from a mother
Right from the womb
There's place no other
That love begins to bloom

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Days turned to night
& the calendar changed
Waiting for the right thing
When time looked strange.

Students wait for holidays
So they can have fun
Officers wait for promotion
Hoping the day will soon come.

Farmers wait for harvest
So they can feed
For your lunch and dinner
They are the ones to bleed

Waiting is not just hope
Its patience, faith and devote.
It's a belief you know will come true
Your wait; will bring a minute to you

Whatever you wait
You will find
Cause it's written in your destiny
And it's underlined.

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Atasha Williams 23 February 2016

When you climb; Don't count your steps..... it will only make you tired... Instead focus on your Destination..... I loveeeeeee this, always say this but not in this way. Thank you for sharing

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Analyse Before You Finalize'

When you climb; Don't count your steps..... it will only make you tired... Instead focus on your Destination..... - Ryson D'souza

Haters Makes Me Stronger Critics Makes Me Powerful Cause They Point Out my Mistakes & Motivate Me Towards Perfection

Work To Make Your Life Wonderful Don't Let Your Work overpower your Life & Make Life Miserable

'Talent is an Inbuilt Configuration in every human being that is used by some and unknown by a many! ! '

'Dreams are thoughts that comes in your mind; when you are a sleep'

'Gaining experience is my motive... Sharing experience is my Goal.. Learn the hard way & make it easy for the others..'

The truth of life is that reality is not acceptable by human... And the human that accepts reality is denied to be true..

To be the best you don't have to beat the best... You just Need to Move on without giving up! !

Life is an Open Play Ground Surrounded by competitors.. If you can face them and move ahead... you can Achieve your Goal... Else your are clean bowled..

Remember.... To Change a person become his/her good friend… Being rebellious will only make things worse..

When You are what you are the world will strive to change you. And when you Actually wanna change they will not let it happen! ! So be yourself cause you can play your role the best...! ! !

A Learner(Student) creates his/her Teacher (Guru) .. Just like a Child gives birth to a mother..

' Your hard work will bring you the fruit. If it doesn't....You need to work harder'

You Have Two Choices..say that You are Happy then Ever Or Happy never... You Got to Bring It....

Winners are not only the ones who win on paper.. Winners are the one's who win People....

Everyday is a learning Day The only difference is that 'Daily activities' brings us Sub-conscious learning's and 'New Activities' brings us Conscious learning

Understand the fact before you React

Tensions are part of life; Dealing with tensions are the art of life. when the Art is mastered.. Life is wonderful..

'A Superstar is born from his/her fans...This include even critics.. they are the biggest promoters'.. Ryson D'souza

Learn Something New Till the days you live Cause the More you know The better you can give

A Child does everything to stand & When they know they can stand... They don't wait they RUN - - Ryson D'souza

It's not about what we think It's all about how we can execute it! ! - - Ryson D'souza

I Don't Need a cook I Don't Need a maid I just need a Person with whom my loneliness can fade

Use Your Disadvantage to Your greatest Advantage... It's all about how you see 'Dis-Advantage' or 'This Advantage'

'T' is not just for 'Talent' Cause if it's used in the right place... It can change 'Pain' to 'Paint' Make your life colourful

Emotion is the Most Important Aspect in Life The Right Emotion adds the Perfect flavor to our Personality

A Positive mind heals the body A Positive nature Purifies the Soul

Everyday is a learning day. The only difference is that daily activities brings us sub-conscious Learning's.. And New activities bring us conscious learning's.. Have a wonderful learning day ----------Ryson D'souza

Smiling is NOT Just a Universal Gesture, It's a Language of Acknowledgement ----- Ryson Dsouza

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