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I was blessed the day came my way!
I always wanted a place where I can find,
Intelligent folks who share the same frame of mind.

Truth (Part I)
Talk the truth
From creation,
to the 'fruit'

Somebody please, somebody please tell me why,
Some live a hurtful life to just die,
Look at the poor people cry,

What is Love?
Who is there to say
You don't have love
When you feel that special way,

Deep in our mother's womb
It's safe an nice an warm
Then you burst out with a boom
She will keep u away from harm

I will dance til I die
Spread my arms out and fly
When I dance I feel free
Nobody can take that from me

My dear Aunt Jillian,
There's nothing I would not give to hold your hand.
To see your beautiful face,
Your arms I want to embrace,

Lord of the Night
How you shine so bright,
Lord of the dark
Softly glowing across the park

In this unpredictable and complex journey called life,
We endeavour to find a companion, search to find a wife.
End up kissing a few frogs, till we choose the right one,
Pray, ask God for a best friend with whom you share a special bond.

What am I? ?

Black I am, yes I am proud
I'll stand on a mountain and scream it aloud

Dedicated to my Husband an Best Friend Paul Williams

My life was empty before you
Thought life was just filled with pain

My X Boss is Ugly
She is oddly round and fat
She looks all weird and fuggly
Her face resembles a rat

I woke to pee about three times last night
I also find my pants are a little too tight.
What is goin on? What is wrong with me?
My breasts hurt and I'm always sleepy! !

What to do when you feel the urge?
Belly goes 'growwwwlll! ' Did I take a purge?

All of a sudden

I have to stop
The doctor said so
If not, I will drop
The doctor said no.

Should I even open the door?
I don't want to cry anymore.
My hurt stems from my core,
Because I saw signs that I did ignore.

Gosh! ! !
I miss it oh soooooooo much

I wanna rock rock,
Rock ya body
Drive ya crazy
Make you want me


what will we do
without you

Inspired by the Poet Dr. Anthony Theodore

Intimacy has no limit in the soul
It is a warm gentle feeling, never cold

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Poem Hunter.Com

I was blessed the day came my way!
I always wanted a place where I can find,
Intelligent folks who share the same frame of mind.

I visit this site more than any other,
Fellow poets are real kind, like sister and brother.
We have a forum where we can express our feeling
Happy thoughts or when your heart is bleeding.

A poet is a unique kind of folk
A poet can write anything from a pensive ballad to a silly joke,
Poemhunter brought poets from all over the world together,
All ages, all cultures, here, it doesn't matter! !

Thank you for making it fun again to write,
I will continue until I see the bright light,
Thank you for the opportunity for me to show the world my might,
Poemhunter, you gave me back my love to write! !

Thank you! ! !
May God bless! !

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I support your praise to poemhunter and to give us all the opportunity to hare our work to the world.

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Aaron Julien 14 May 2016

I'm a big fan of your work...Inspirational and heartfelt

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Atasha Williams 05 April 2016

When I write poetry, I represent allllll persons, alllllll feelings, alllll angles of everything. Not all written is personal experiences, I view from all opinions and views. Thank you for all your replies an comments. I appreciate all good ones. I leave no negative comments because when a poet write he or she writes from the heart and we have to all respect that.... Love always with the love of God. Atasha

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The devil uses your attraction as a distraction for your destruction

You will reach only as far as you see yourself reaching... Live and walk in Faith

Not every bad thing that happens to you means, it was something bad. God does everything in His time not yours or my time.

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Atasha Williams Popularity

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