Sabyasachi Sharma Poems

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The Half Moon Light

On a dark gloomy night,
I asked the half moon light,
awed on it's gracious sway,
embrace me did I say,

Abstract World

Abstract is the world we live in,
The fats we see are really thin,
amazed on my illation with a grin,
cause u are a victim deep within,

The Silent Word

</>In Realm of the forgotten
in the woods dark sodden
his pain gradually gets rotten
in his silence downtrodden

This Rain

Amid every rain,
each drop that drain,
of my leaves entrain,
the glow of this quenched land.

Sick Am I?

Sick I am of countless failures,
And sick of gloomy prefigures.
Sick I am of new habits,
And sick of dishonored oaths.

A Long Trek To Success

Up we go on this treacherous trek,
Walking upon ambitions wrecked,
Oh my brethren do check,
For the distance left in parsec.

To Wait

To Wait, cursed are we all,
Kids await their tiffin break call,
Teens await their crush's eyeball,
Youth await an achievement tall.

A Fairy

Filled of love,
There lives a fairy,
Down by ice's abode.

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