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Without You

without you, did i like this?
how did i live without you?

with your memories, my night passed
the moonlight talk tome about you.
my whole day night are lonely without you
my days are not like days
lonely body, lonely soul, my eyes stay wet
come to me now
i dont want to live without you.

since when are my eyes layed in your path
(i wish) atleast let us meet each other accidently
i cant forget your words
my eyes are wet every second
why should i breath, why should i live
living feel bad
why did u become unfaithful, tel ...

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Come On Now

hearts..become clouds
eyes..start flowing....
signs.....emerge like hurriecane
.....come on.....
..........trouble me.... make me cry.
.....come on now...

take away all ur sorrows
any that u given me