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In the city of rich persons,
Who were born with silver spoons in their mouth
Their houses were like a king's palace
Their wives wear gold neck- laces.

He lived on other's mercy
If got something became crazy.
Opened Sky was his shelter
On burning earth slept better.

The words come on lips
are the only words?
So many things we never speak
but we speak everything in a silent way.

When i saw her
That's not my eyes which saw her
That's my heart which saw her.
Storm arose in my heart

Dear tears, you always with me
like smell with flowers
like hope with lovers.
You know how much i miss her

The way on which we traveled
ends with no destination.
The song we sung
ends with no music.

Come, my love
Walk hand in hand down romantic memory lane
Exploring the world of togetherness
Captured in all it's moods - through memories.

So many poets try to define it
So many philosophers try to understand it
But it beyond all's thinking
It is love and the love and nothing.

My life will end soon
My heart is blue moon.
Tears freezed in my eye
In the sky, one lonely bird fly.

The lovely dew falles, the roses bloom
The tender chervil
And the flowering clover
But i can't see nothing

One night, i saw a beautiful dream
in which you are with me.
You hold my hands
and that touch makes me crazy.

Oh my beloved! I can't breath
I can't stand on my feet
Please give me one kiss
So i will forget that i miss.

As you embark on yet another beautiful year together,
February beckons,
Inviting you to wake up to the simple joys of being alive.
Spring paints for you a nostalgic landscape

Life is not easy
as my mother told me
Life is not too difficult
as my teacher taught me.

Love is like a sword
It will cut your all pain
Or it will cut your head.
Love will reach you on the top of mountain

Between the Hell and the Heaven
I stand alone.
Time told me to decide my fate
Which place I want to get.

Old memories come in my mind
With tear and a smile
This Valentine love in rewind.
Red rose, beautiful or deadly

Love me little, love me long
It's the burden of my song.
Forget right & wrong
Love me little, make me strong.

Is finding true happiness a midsumner night's dream?
It's question which comes to mind as sunrise brings alive a thousand hopes and infinite wishes for me.
We Both shut our eyes and wish away together
And who knows, our wildest expectations may be fulfilled

My love for you
is not for one day or night
It last till sun in the sky
It exist till ocean dry.

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A Poor Poet's Love

In the city of rich persons,
Who were born with silver spoons in their mouth
Their houses were like a king's palace
Their wives wear gold neck- laces.
They spent money with both hands
For their hollow prestige and respect from mens
In that city of gold
There lived a poor poet
who loved rich girl.
Poet had nothing
but had pen, ink, papers and his feeling.
The girl looked like an angel
Her one smyle killed thousands
Her eyes blue more than sky
Her tears looked waterfall.
Poet always thought about her
His love crossed all borders
His every breath spoke her name
but she never felt same.
He wrote beautiful poems for her
He loved her like a mother
He couldn't dared to speak with her
As he knew the truth of life better.
One day he committed suicide
in his room's darkest side
Only poems were his memories
No one understood his love and feelings.

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Vany Tb 20 May 2012

i like your all poems.. BEST OF LUCK! GOD WILL BLESS YOU :)

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