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I awoke to the bird calling outside my window,
A new day has begun, my mind is hungover with thoughts of yesterday.
A wild goose is heard in the distance.
The bird seems to be calling for his nestlings, probably long

Ageless adversity pondering wealth,
Is one so taken, by ones ownself.
Given a token to pass through time.
A chance to live in verse and rhyme.

I remember Grandma Rose,
With her bobby pins and
Late night horror shows.

It was a cloudy day, my grandson pointed at the sky. He said ' the stars are still there you just cannot see them because of the clouds'.
I held his hand and said ' The stars are like the truth often we cannot see it because of the clouds'.
There is nothing more inspiring than a conversation between a grandfather and a grandson.

Oh House! So empty.
My love was wasted.
Oh House! So empty.
No joy was tasted.

Digging deep to find the truth,
But nothing was returned.
Just a pile of dirt begotten,
Another turnip earned.

God is eternal
yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Don't dwell in the past, or drown in your sorrow.there is always today,

Men cut their hair-
Men cut their hair to show hate and depair, a skinhead as clear as the
as a swastika there.
Men cut their hair to show Budha is there, a monk enlightened wanting to

A man in pain can be heard a mile away,
He seems to whine about the pain all day.

I respect the beliefs of others and try to inspire,
buying holy water would never be my desire.
The living water is best and you will never thirst,
If to make a choice, choose the living water first.

Take my hand, walk with me.
Listen to the wetlands and the sea.
A sandy cove full of wild life and flora.

Pain comes and goes from our head to our toes;
Fear it stays and lingers - chews on our fingers.

Translated from Hebrew to Greek,
Every jot and tittle to seek.
Translated from Greek to Latin,
on print like silky satin.

Left in the elements through the winter,
Often unremembered but for a splinter.

Yet in the summer the family will have a need,

Light in the darkness is easy to see,
But light in the daytime is heavenly.
Like the Star of Bethleham she let her light shine,
Even though the angels would greet the love of thine.

Why does the willow weep?
Her arms so wide, but roots not deep.

Even with all the rain collected,

The Apple was always the favorite child,
Even in the beginning Eve took a bite.
Ben Franklin said it could even keep away
the doctor if you had a daily diet.

All the other trees had shed their leaves
and already quietly gone to bed.
Except a little blue spruce still waiting
for the snow to fall upon its head.

We landed in the small plane, along side the sugar cane.
Who gets off here in this desolate place?
Me said I, with a grin upon my face.

If it were only a story but sad it is true,
Of a miserly man of whom I once knew.
His name was Francie in a big house on a hill he did live,
He sold papers on the street corner for the nickels we'd give.

Saint Eule Biography

Born in a small coal town, served 8 years in the USCG. Attended various colleges and universities with degrees in electronics and computer technologies.Studied theology and is an ordained minister.My beliefs are not just from reading second hand but personal experience first hand.Spent years in the Pacific islands, one year on a deserted island in contemplation. Travelled many places worldwide. Married with 2 sons,2 grandsons. My oldest son has Downs syndrome. My youngest is a park ranger.Spend most spare time at the beach house, or camping in the mountains. Has a love for humanity, wildlife and especially birds.)

The Best Poem Of Saint Eule

Remember The Goose

I awoke to the bird calling outside my window,
A new day has begun, my mind is hungover with thoughts of yesterday.
A wild goose is heard in the distance.
The bird seems to be calling for his nestlings, probably long
dispersed in the forest.
The goose seems to be have purpose, his trumpet is sure, he knows
others will join the journey to a more lavishing sunrise.

If only I was as sure as the goose, free to sail the sky with
a natural compass.To go north or south as the need arise.

My mortal mind has recently learned of a friend who has passed.
A tear rolls down my cheek, soon it will reach my lips.
I will taste his memory consigned to a single tear.
Fortunately, he left words behind written by his finger tips.

He was a poet -I suddenly remembered a favorite poem alas.
I no longer wanted to cry, but a grin turned to a smile.
Dead poets never die, they either punish or grace us for awhile.
With words that sail through time, following their compass.

Leave your nest say goodbye to yesterday.
Be at rest try to hear beyond the bird, I pray.
If you are a poet, waste not the hour, write what you choose,
My sister, my brother whatever you do - remember the goose.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 October 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team as The Poet Of The Day, hoorray! I have enjoyed tremendously reading your poems. God's Blessings

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Mark Walters 10 June 2012

I like your poetry. It conveys a deep meaning in a captivating form

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