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As I lay eyes upon the lady of the fountain
A tremendous work of art standing to this day
Holding the hopes and dreams of people
Flocking towards her everyday

The weight of responsibility
Lies heavily upon my shoulders
Trying to collapse my world
By bringing it crashing down

Slowly going insane
No one to talk to
Bottling up my feelings
Slowly turning to stone

Tired of people taking advantage
Tried to make people happy
But wasn’t successful
Every method taken backfired

The first shades appear noticed
Obvious as the sun and the moon
High above the grounds of the earth
Nature taking effect at its worst

I implore to you with all my heart
Dont leave me alone with myself

A curtain of red slowly makes its decent down
Covering everything behind the scenes

There is two things certain in life
One is that life is given
The other is that its taken
It is up to you to decide

Escaped from a personal hell
Found sanctuary far away
Know it’s temporary
Know its coming to an end

i have got it all
but i didnt get you
i am flying around all alone
a hundred paths before me

Have seen for the first time
The beauty the world has to offer
I close my eyes
And there is a portrait in my head

Time is coming to an end
Thinking should’ve done something
Has another one fallen from my fingertips
Clinging to false hope

A few years a go we were kids
Nothing to worry about
Only when our next meal comes
How to pass time

Like a thief in the night

You enetered into my life

Enemy of mine

Walks just like the devil

There is a place where dreams gather
A place where they go to die

Slowly edging forward

Taking two steps back

Which road to take
So many to choose from
I stand at cross roads
All unfamiliar to me

Caught up in the euphoria of it all
Trying for it not to take hold
Wondering when the
Mind, body and soul


A poison implanted deep within
Slowly spreading, slowly effecting
Whittling away that what might have been
Slowly crumbling the formidable walls

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I first got into writing poetry through a friend of mine, who regularly use to make me read his poems. He inspired me to start writing some of my own poems. After writing my first poem i liked the many different ways to express what i am trying to say. So i carried on with it, using it as an outlet on what i want to say but have trouble saying it directly to people)

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Lady Of The Fountain

As I lay eyes upon the lady of the fountain
A tremendous work of art standing to this day
Holding the hopes and dreams of people
Flocking towards her everyday
Like a pilgrimage for those with
One last thin strand of hope

As I stand in front of this mesmerizing figure
With a coin in the midst of my fingertips
Which is to be my offering to the lady
I realize this is a desperate attempt to achieve
What I hope and dream of every night and day

As I flip the coin into the fountain of the lady
Not taking my eyes off the spinning coin
Until I see it arrive at its destination
With a splash causing a ripple throughout
The water sinking to the bottom of the fountain

Wishing with all that burns inside of my chest
That the lady hears my desperate plea
And takes pity on this sad being in front of her
For I truly believe in the power she commands

As I walk away from the lady with a heavy heart
My journey for this part of a desperate quest
Comes to an end as I leave this place
As a lost soul seeking salvation from an
Enchantress linked to mother nature herself

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