1. Poet 7/16/2007
2. Seduce Me 7/16/2007
3. Love All 7/23/2007
4. My Palace And My Queen 7/25/2007
5. Will The God Answer To Me? 8/13/2007
6. Who Am I? 10/8/2007
7. My Search And My Need 10/8/2007
8. Births And Deaths 11/23/2007
9. Wait...There 11/27/2007
10. Welcome To This Earth[2008] 12/30/2007
11. Sathyameva Jayathe [truth Alone Has To Win} 1/14/2008
12. Four Letter Magic 2/13/2008
13. To My Better Off 2/13/2008
14. Will May Help Them 5/29/2008
15. My Present And New Hope 5/29/2008
16. A Question To My Creator 5/30/2008
17. A Desert Dream 6/4/2008
18. The Rise Of A Black Sun 11/27/2008
19. A Storm In My Nest 11/27/2008
20. To My Mother 1/31/2009
21. Happening Of A Death 2/23/2009
22. Going Behind A Carrot 3/2/2009
23. There I Want A Place 3/3/2009
24. An Oscar Indian 3/5/2009
25. A Smile From The East 3/7/2009
26. Losses And Gains 3/9/2009
27. Where I Was Zero As A Man 3/14/2009
28. To My Beloved 3/14/2009
29. Claps And Whistles 3/16/2009
30. Am I A Man? 3/16/2009
31. He Is No Where. 3/28/2009
32. Last Journey 4/1/2009
33. Wine And A Poet 4/2/2009
34. An Unfortunate King 6/29/2009
35. Return Back To My Hell 6/29/2009
36. The Death Of My Sweet Sun 7/8/2009
37. Heavens Are Not Too Far 7/8/2009
38. My Dreams And Real 7/9/2009
39. My Dreams To Realize 7/9/2009
40. Time Barred Love 7/10/2009


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Love And Lust

Love is something devine
falls from the heaven to earth
It expects nothing for it but
It renders everything to others including itself
Love never ends in lust but
it grows as affection and respect
Lust expects to exploit others
to satisfy it's needs
Matured love becomes grace
lust may not be so
Lust spoils the character and life
when it develops as aggressive
Love never feeds the violence but
Lust grows in violence and feeds violence
To my Younger generation!
have a love to smash the lust
Pave the way to peace and
take this world to that ...

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I am a poet more than the God
The heavens and hells are not more than me
No wonders and miracles before my thoughts
I will be in a palace and a hut at a time

Nothing will restrain me as breeze and air

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