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Love And Lust

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Love is something devine
falls from the heaven to earth
It expects nothing for it but
It renders everything to others including itself
Love never ends in lust but
it grows as affection and respect
Lust expects to exploit others
to satisfy it's needs
Matured love becomes grace
lust may not be so

Lust spoils the character and life
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Mary Das 21 August 2007

Well written. I agree with you. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

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Anu Soneye 06 May 2018

Nice view. Revise and correct typos.

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rago rago 24 July 2009

profound truth........ and that is bitter..........

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Sara Gabriela Pino Panta 16 October 2008

Trite. Why does love always have to be over-romanticised? This poem has got one grammar mistake which murders the romance! -Its-... genitive case. Not contraction of 'it is'.

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Natalie Ricketts 24 September 2008

Brilliant! true and Brilliant! would like you to read my poem PERCEPTION, please leave a comment good or bad. thanks for sharing.x

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... Lynch 21 August 2007

Some great advice. Great poem. -Kylie M. Lynch

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