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success is a damsel
that intoxicates;
failure is your mistress
that teases.

your naughty mood
impels the naughty strands
of hair on your fore head
to play with my face

every time you would say
this is the last time

in the deep recess
far away from the light
lives a neanderthral.

all of you who tonight
resolve to blink the lights
for two hours

not many seasons ago

if i happen to scrawl
a circle on a white sheet
of paper

dew drops
on the grass
ups life through
tips of the toes

desire to write
is over-whelming,
subjects fleeting,

do not loosen the grip,
for tomorrow i may need you most.

as strangers we met,

eternal vigilance is
the price of liberty
and of life
in democracy...

the same morning,
the same news paper,
the same violence
inflicted upon

tonight is the
only night when
i shall remember you
and shed a tear or two

morning time
peak morning hours
in the port city.

are like chillies.
seen in isolation
it makes you cry.

there should be a sea
in every body's life;
an agent
to invade

beware of the Ides of March,
you gullibles,
what was true of Caesar
is true of you too.

two steps into my living room,
what promises have you
come with?

if ever some day
dare to drink the whole

a true child of God,
a tiny figure
bent low
with the burden of love,

all our gods
are stone gods,
they donot melt
that easily to prayers.

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Failure And Success

success is a damsel
that intoxicates;
failure is your mistress
that teases.

success is a drink
that leads to stupor;
failure is the beverage
that shakes you up.

success is a temporary
shed in life's journey;
failure is the pathway
to ultimate destination.

dont let thus
success beguile
momentary comfort;
learn to befriend failure
to last the journey's end.

success is the mistress
of easy charms;
failure is your wife,
of considerable virtues;

failure enriches you,
success may shower
riches on you;
failure is the sweet little
drummer to roses ahead
on the path ways,
success a sweet companion
not to be seen
when winter comes
your ways, as it must
in one's life,

leaving the summer
far, far behind.

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Richa Joshi 09 January 2008

Good poems... i liked that line' all those who have loved and lost are welcome to the poet's club': -)

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