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When I woke this morning
was told it rained…
I looked out
The skies were grey…

A lifetime of love
without a selfish thought
every teardropp reads emotions
too moving to explain.

Strains of music in waves
that gently lap the shore
crash intensely
with the cliff edges;

of words in simplicity
in the spirit of the thoughts it spews.

(Written for all the pictures of downtrodden kids captured on camera)

Reminders of people forgotten
captured by a flash

Whispers romance the moonlight,
you make love through the night
Beads of sweat cool in the breeze,
meandering the gaps of embraces tight

A desire to be
to follow the movements
face up towards the sky
...a fallen life spent

This is no ordinary feeling
when I take the oath in pride
a call to duty to place
my country first!

Glorious autumn days
a bite of depressing chill
gold of the fall
walking a masquerade

There are no lemons handed out
no flavor to life
but what you add,
there are no reasons to believe

Whispering little goodbyes
to what could have been,
a touch here,
now forever gone,

Take a piece of me
my soul
hone out my ragged edges
as the burden I shoulder

A search for the perfect love
a reminder of beliefs set in mind
like bards, singing songs
of lonely nights and frozen hearts

There exists no opportunity
But tell you I must
Whether you choose to hear or not
But tell you I must.

Hey life! I stand before you
Seek me on my ground reality.
Nothing more you have
can disillusion me.


Replete with dreams woven out of nothingness
A journey of visions flow in the mind's eye
Come what may, the hopes it brings with it
Shall come to stay or pass, till I someday die.

I spoke thoughts profound
I asked if it mattered
in the long run of things...

I listlessly trudge
across the lush lawn,
the fiery ball
finally simmering

Watch a teardropp fall
see how it melts
from the depths of the soul
trickling down in rivulets

I look for answers,
search my soul
I needn’t look afar
I know where I walk.

Sandhya Suri Biography

There is a certain fascination Life holds; defined in a splash of colours of despair, faith, love, conflict, happiness and a sense of awareness. My Life is a maze, a tangled web of emotions, thoughts and feelings I write down so I can breathe. I am not at the end of my journey. Each passing moment is a journey in itself. My writings reflect my journey and I share my life through this. A gypsy through Life, my journey is endless, my day here, a pause, before I become aware of what more. The web of my life flows in the poems I write.)

The Best Poem Of Sandhya Suri

A Rainy Day

When I woke this morning
was told it rained…
I looked out
The skies were grey…
I sat in bed sipping
scorching hot coffee
sighed and wished
it was a Sunday…
Such glorious days
should be spent
holding your face
to the breeze,
talking to the sounds of silences
interrupted by
rumbles of thunder…

Along with those gray clouds
my mind wandered…
off to the poem…
The solitary Reaper…
then back again…
to the city I grew to love
of rains and driving through them,
of getting drenched
messed up with melted ice-creams
It was a beautiful day…

Someone thought of me too
I realized...
as my eyes blur
each time I read
all those things
a friend would feel
when far away…
another continent
another country
another city
Just by the sea…
Another view…

Myriads of expectations
lingering and gone…
Gone before they brush
gently against my soul…
access denied to hearts I love
access denied to my own soul
I’d rather drown
in my mindless space
than be anywhere today…
But life goes on..
the show excels
rave reviews of a fine performance
of having survived
Another day…
In this lifetime…

just get laid aside;
there are dreams
Beyond my today.
is survival
borne out of a defiant nudge
To circumstances…
You win some you lose some…
Life never stops its lessons anyways
and thus we go
on and on
all over again
wiping out today’s slate
ready to write a new one...

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