Sanjukta Nag

Gold Star - 21,168 Points [I am me] (05-07-1992 / India)

Sanjukta Nag Poems

1. Phoenix 3/27/2015
2. The Promise Part Two 5/22/2015
3. It Is Heart That Is Hurt 8/18/2015
4. Downcast 8/22/2015
5. Light And Shadow 8/27/2015
6. You 9/2/2015
7. I Believe In Reincarnation 9/8/2015
8. Edenic Touch 9/15/2015
9. New Horizon 9/30/2015
10. Poem Of Unison 10/5/2015
11. Reality 10/10/2015
12. Nightly Routine 10/10/2015
13. Morning Coffee 10/9/2015
14. Perception 10/9/2015
15. Emotion 10/10/2015
16. Either Or 10/7/2015
17. With Love 10/1/2015
18. Dreamcatcher 9/26/2015
19. Then And Now 9/16/2015
20. Haiku - Mirror Of Failed Love 9/16/2015
21. Impossibility 9/17/2015
22. Favourite Word 9/15/2015
23. God Wants Friend 9/21/2015
24. Haiku - Beauty 9/22/2015
25. Force 9/24/2015
26. More Than Enough 9/25/2015
27. Blind Stars 9/8/2015
28. Fountain 9/3/2015
29. Nothing 9/4/2015
30. Nightly Desire 9/5/2015
31. Wind Chime 8/30/2015
32. Something For You 8/31/2015
33. If I Had A Transparent Body 8/26/2015
34. Love And Longing 8/29/2015
35. A Lover’s Monologue 8/18/2015
36. Rainbow 8/25/2015
37. You Are The One 8/25/2015
38. I'Ll Write For Your Sake 8/16/2015
39. I Believe In Humanism 8/17/2015
40. A Midnight Message 8/19/2015

Comments about Sanjukta Nag

  • Melvina Germain Melvina Germain (11/12/2015 3:14:00 PM)

    After reading the intoxicating words of Sanjuka, I find myself in that soothing place of calm, in a tranquil bliss smiling to myself. I come away with my thirst for poetry quenched and am fulfilled. It's a pleasure to read the work of a sister poet who seems to relax on a pedestal of peace and beauty.

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  • Vishal Sharma Vishal Sharma (10/30/2015 3:25:00 PM)

    sanjukta naag the rising name in the field of poetry from india.she has the potential to ignite flames through her mejestic words.she has a storehouse of knowledge over poetry and she knows how to use words properly.Her poems are full of metaphors and twists and turns.She is the name with a golden title.her poetry is laden with great thoughts and thought provoking issues.Her poetry field is wide covering all topics and esp love verses.She is the rising queen over here.God bless u sanjukta.

  • Mohammed Asim Nehal Mohammed Asim Nehal (9/22/2015 9:17:00 AM)

    Sanjukta Nag is a young multitalented, love specialist poetess. All her poems on Love are simple yet deep in meaning, from the very first poem which I read I Am Not A Poet followed by many good poems such as A Poem On Love Poem, Treacherous Love, Road of Love, Love Infinite, Rising in Love, Left love etc etc.....In her own words: Writing a love poem is so easy
    When you are swimming in love with someone.
    Just compose some maudlin lines
    On the eternal ‘Romeo-Juliet’ ideas of romanticism.
    She is equally good in writing some serious poems like: Dear God, Empty Dreams, Wishing Well, Lighthouse and of late some classic Haikus........All in all she is a complete package and a force to reckon with in poetic world. I always love when a poet enters through invisible doors and conquer heart and mind of a reader. My best wishes to her for all future literary work......And keep writing such good poems for ever and ever.

Best Poem of Sanjukta Nag

I Am Not A Poet

I am not a poet…
Though my pen had given birth to some poems
On the yellow pages of a torn diary
Under the afternoon light
Or a peaceful night,
That later transformed itself into fiery.
While everybody was enjoying leisure
The mild breeze of your thoughts
Shook the boughs of my imagination with pleasure.
The mystery of those creations is not unknown to you
The clouds of my condensed emotion
And sometimes a bit of desolation
Had poured the poems of happiness and blue.
But I was not the only evil
Your love made me responsible
To fill those words with...

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For What?

Why your memory keeps bugging me all the night?
Why I see you in front of me when you are out of sight?
Why my silly heart beats in the name of your?
Without you honey how can I find a cure?
How can I let you go when I’m so into you?
How can I color my heart to red from blue?
How can you leave me when you are living in me?
Darling when will you look at me with your eyes of blue sea?
When will you wipe the tears that roll down my cheek?

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