Sanjukta Nag Poems

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I Am Not A Poet

I am not a poet…
Though my pen had given birth to some poems
On the yellow pages of a torn diary
Under the afternoon light

Look Of Love

When lyrics of your heart
Mingles with music of my soul,
The distance between the nearness of
Our bodies fills itself with

Dear God

You taught the dawn to break the cloud
You taught the birds to sing aloud
So, there cannot be any doubt
That night has gone to bed.

To Death

You can't possess all the grains of life
I contain.
The fragrance of light I gathered,
Warmth of hope,

Haiku - Raining In And Out

My desolate soul
By the edge of the window
Keep thinking of you.

Empty Dreams

Days are passing by
So are we,
Apart from each other
Like the sky and the river

Constellation Of Dreams

Pillow is pampering the softness
Of your left cheek,
While the right one is revealed
Towards the cold of night.


I won’t be afraid
If I ever get lost
In the foggy sea of hopelessness.
‘Cause I know,

It's Not Fiction

Disappeared through the fabric of curtains,
Worst dream of yesterday
And the sorrows I dug out from night's womb,
As the God of our galaxy enters this place.

I Am The Escapist

I am the escapist,
Who drinks potion of surrealism
From the goblet of a cold fossilized life
And runs aloud touching the fence of wind.

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