Haiku - Raining In And Out Poem by Sanjukta Nag

Haiku - Raining In And Out

Rating: 4.9

My desolate soul
By the edge of the window
Keep thinking of you.

With the sound of rain
Going down memory lane
Again and again.

It feels wet inside
Inner clouds showering gloom
As your love didn’t bloom.

Hopes are shivering
Heart is too fragile to mend
Still love never ends.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: heartache
M Asim Nehal 09 September 2015

Never ending story of love..............threaded with silken words...........Loved it....10+++++

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 September 2015

It feels wet inside Inner clouds showering gloom As your love didn’t bloom......deep speculation, deep love. Marvellous depiction with diction. Thank to you dear Sanjukta I like your poem posting. .....10

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 September 2015

Still thinking of you; with the muse of love and life. Nice work.

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David Wood 10 September 2015

I can see a lover sitting by a window deep in though about their past lover. Good poem

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Anil Kumar Panda 10 September 2015

There is still a hope that someday you will get the love. Full of hope the poem flows with a nice style.

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B.m. Biswas 24 November 2015

a poet of feelings....a fine metaphor.....good.

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Vishal Sharma 30 October 2015

love at its best form

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Amitabho Sengupta 22 October 2015

In the four stanzas of the above Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry, with the 1st.,2nd. and 4th.lines of each stanza, hardly having any rhyme scheme and comprising 5,7and 5 syllables respectively, poetess, Sanjukta Nag, has been able to make love reign anyway in any mood of either melancholia or mirthfulness in us. The concise creation is aesthetically a potential rendition, indeed,

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Melvina Germain 16 October 2015

Love reigns in these beautiful Haiku.....

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Loke Kok Yee 15 October 2015

lovely haiku written with love. thanks-10

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