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The song of Rain

Since last night

Ever since it rained

It wrote your name

Rains play hide and seek

The clouds set the sun apart

Who am I-
I ponder over
And look within
The corridor of my heart

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You Are In The Rains -1

The song of Rain

Since last night

Sings your name..

The sweet, intimate, acronym

For love for you in me.

In a silent whisper

In my cold, dry ear

Since the first time you came

To my barren land of heart

And made every thing pink

And green and blue for me.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 06 September 2017

Today I shared all the these poems on Facebook. Waiting to share some more of you Sanjukta.. Thanks for these lovely lovelorn poems.

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Sabita Sahoo 25 August 2017

Sanjukta, you have debuted well with these rain poems. Rare poets start so nice as you could. Wish many more of you in near future.

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