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A new leaf unfolds
A new page turned
A new page,
A new destiny,

Red Love
Love is a word,
Red be its color.
Sparkling in my inward eye,

How mystic the soul connects
How deep grows the passion
To reconcile what's forever..
Now and for time immemorial....

I am a woman of passion
I love to the core,
Only if you could withstand
A rush and a blow.

On a fateful day in Japan,1945
The clock stuck 8: 15am,
on the fateful day of 6th august,1945.
Upon the brave heart of Hiroshima,

My beautiful city Kolkata
My city drapes its attire,
Wearing the crimson red third eye dot,
An elegant bong altar,

Distant chords
Juvinile bonds
Caressed in fragile
Connecting dots align.

Yaadoh k sahare,
Jeeti thi main,
Yaadein abhi seejti hu;
Un khayaloh mei...

Maa, an emotion
I never meant so,
Nor my heart called to act,
Yet some unresolved residues,

It was a month or so;
When our eyes meet sometime ago,
Our lips part in sunshine beam;
Embracing fragile winters

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Year Worn Yellow

A new leaf unfolds
A new page turned
A new page,
A new destiny,
imprints in agony.

A year passed by
A year turned yellow
Withering its crimson blossom now
Aged lessons in mellow.

Tears laughters roll
In eyes of passion
And heart of warmth
Much forsaken
Much shall get forgotten
A ripe mortal soul.

A new leaf
A new song
A new hope
A new dawn
All will bloom to a new season now
A year went by we saw,
A new year seeking a humble bow.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 09 April 2018

You have created a purple zone in my reader's heart through your poem Red Love Oh great poetess, I wish you walk thousands of miles on this creative path and loom he fragrance and beauty of your heart. Your Fan. Subhas

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A beast finds his shelter; From the uncountable sins; A love affair knitted in magic, A foretold fairytale.

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Satabdi Banerjee Popularity

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