Saudatu Kabir

Saudatu Kabir Poems

1. Smiling Baby In A Crib 12/17/2009
2. Obey Your Lord 12/17/2009
3. My Heart's Epistle 12/17/2009
4. The Fulani Herdsman 12/18/2009
5. Rain 12/18/2009
6. Bundle Of Joy.....1 12/18/2009
7. Bundle Of Joy.......2 12/18/2009
8. The World I Live In 12/27/2009
9. Books 12/28/2009
10. Diamonds In The Sky 12/18/2009
11. Woman 12/18/2009
12. Our Taleof Everlasting Love 12/28/2009
13. Loss Of A Loved One 12/18/2009
14. Sweet Words 12/17/2009
15. Flicker Of Hope 12/18/2009
16. Loneliness 12/18/2009
17. Educate Woman 12/18/2009
18. Money 12/18/2009
Best Poem of Saudatu Kabir


Money is precious money is power
Money is a devil cunning and evil
Source of war destruction of nations

Money causes hatred money unites
Money is lovely it attracts like a magnet
Cupboard love is given for money

Money is a master, it instructs we surrender
Money has rules we follow blindly
Cheating and stealing are done for money

Money gives power money gives respect
Money can earn you a stay in a coffin
Root of evil, source of happiness

Money is wonderful, money is Eden
Money is a murderer it kills like a cobra
Rejoice with money, cry ...

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Smiling Baby In A Crib

Among my people I was a living demon
My face a mask of horror
My fists strong as iron
My eyes red like fire
My heart cold as stone

I trust the night and its darkness
And every bit of silence
For then my secrets were sheltered

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