Scarlotte Ibis Poems

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Fate At Its Most Sadistic Wrought This Moral Wreckage

Fate at its most sadistic wrought this moral wreckage,
its pleasures hath dangled you before me and taken you away
leaving me in a tortured mindmess of madness before you,
with my heart on the same ground we've both walked

Return My Call, Self-Pitying Fool

aye, I know not why you are foolish
and refrain from my call you should return
that my self-less forlorn countenance hath efforted
in vain for your forgiveness

Hello, Mr. Writers Block

Well, hello Mr. Writers Block
Sit down, join me again for some tea.
But wait, you've frequented to the limit,
and there's not enough for both you and me.

Follow You Home Tonight

Like You Have Someone Better To Do

So you'll walk away tonight,
I'll have no clue where you're going
like you have something better to do,
like you have someone better to do.

Your Smile Away From Me

It isn't easy knowing you how I do
hardly at all, but a word here or there.
And you'll turn your head, your smile away from me
that supernal feature

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