Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson Poems

1. Where Is The Village 10/22/2007
2. Why 10/22/2007
3. Up A Hill 10/22/2007
4. (your Colors) On My Mind 11/15/2007
5. God Of Wine 10/22/2007
6. For You 7/3/2007
7. Sick 7/3/2007
8. The Year 7/2/2007
9. Taking Over 7/2/2007
10. Remember 7/3/2007
11. The Vow 10/22/2007
12. Call Me When I'M 30 10/26/2007
13. Perfect Sense 10/22/2007
14. The Fork 11/15/2007
15. Give Me The Truth 10/26/2007
16. Delusions 10/26/2007
17. One Who Never Hangs His Head 7/3/2007
18. Is It Me 7/3/2007
19. Let A Man Live Free 10/22/2007
20. Go Ahead Alone 11/15/2007
21. This 11/15/2007
22. Misery 7/2/2007
23. Do It Right 7/2/2007
24. The Zoo 10/22/2007
25. Seafood 10/22/2007
26. Nightmare 10/26/2007
27. The Wash 7/2/2007
28. All I Know 10/22/2007

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Best Poem of Scott Stevenson

All I Know

what will happen
is what will happen
what will live
will someday die
what is past
is past forever
today, i laugh
tomorrow, i'll cry

what will grow
will have to crumble
what is solid
someday falls
i may walk,
so i will stumble
i will fumble
in marble halls

a year
is just a fleeting second
a mountain's
just a hill at best
a heart
is just a speck of dust,
a fickle thing
we bleed and test

what protects me
scares another
what i drink
may poison you
this is how
we see each other
this is all ...

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Do It Right

break my firm establishment
in two blinks of two sore pouring eyes
that've seen enough perfidy lately
like kicking a sand castle,
like quick, quiet murder

tear the hope apart like sheets of gold
cut me into long beautiful bleeding pieces
with a mad crow disease

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