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The silver moon is set
in harvests unseen, the pleiades
rush home across half the night
though the night is never spent

The day breaks and not my heart
For my heart is as Immortal as the Sun
It shines with thine eyes across distances

Victory, though it comes too late
I had not learnt creation’s prize
How to survive the engima of living
How to push it clear with flowers

I am myself the term between
the drift, the dawn, an eternity
of mind dissolving in new minds
so dips this human Eternity

Because my calling is such
I lose myself in entire days
Whole days of loving too much
Across the lampless silence

I feel the autumn air
bringing an autumn slack
my bones beneath the black
colors of suffocated dares

I gave you love gifts
Kisses for your earlobes
I gilded the time where our palms met
Like the fragrance of clean summer air

Love imagines herself alone
The first responder to serendipity
A situation made for two
Where the one escapes in a blaze –

The sun is tangled
In my prayers for sunset
It doesn’t matter than
I’m at the goldenth hour of my life

In the kingdom of poets, you are my
Pronoun intertwined, my lover of words
I read you like a lover touches you

When light is put away
We grovel for a bit of light
When love is put to rest in dust
We dream of her infinity

Let nothing upset you
I who have been upset an entire lifetime
I have the right to say it
Hold on to the infinite

I saw and heard, and knew at last
The Who and How of all I’ve loved
Lay open to my probing sense

All morning the sky was high and blue
Free as the taste of strawberries
The total in my notebook

I know not if be the memory of art
So longed for down the centuries
Some other beauty, or the heart’s delight
A vision bright of famed dreams passed down

I have kissed the Autumn dawn
laughed at the blond of her lips
running beneath the orange finger-tipped red
half-moon, the vital breath

Hope is the circumference of life
Faith is the circle of the fall
Creation the mighty exponent of
Oxygen and water, blood and time

Bring those kisses back again
That are sealed with love for
Many a spring day, summer twilight
Bring those lips that shine of golden fruit

The sea spoke to us
every night we listened
we gave our ears the thought of crying
trying to hear the cosmic music

Sketch for me the seas
And Skies, to which I belong
Although they are
only breath, my words

Seshat Nibada Biography

Wuji was born in Montreal and lived for many years in Auroville, India, where he was exposed to Sri Aurobindo and many perennial poets of the East. He cites Taoism, Sufism, Mysticism and Hindu bhakti poets as major influences. With a B.A in Psychology, degrees in Nursing and Networking, he has a body of work that spans ten years and seven thousand poems, his style is mostly free-verse exploring spiritual, existential and humanistic topics. He incorporates vivid imagery and strange syntax, but more or less follows conventions of free-verse. An avid reader of other poetry, Wuji considers himself anonymously prolific. You can follow his poetic development on his blog which he writes in real-time: http: //

The Best Poem Of Seshat Nibada

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The silver moon is set
in harvests unseen, the pleiades
rush home across half the night
though the night is never spent

i lie alone, with sappho
ready to bridge fragments
of my human body-shell divine
The golden moon is set

in harvests unseen, o queen of songs
voiceful, with the heart’s wild cry
storm-tossed I gather spirit
across the all-unattainable hope

that heaven’s empyreal blue
will never be fully lost, always recoverable
in some future where the moon
hangs low and love’s feet brush dew

across a soft-cushioned bed where
i rise a pillar of light, where my
descendants regard across fields
on planets with many moons!

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Seshat Nibada Popularity

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