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I'm a geologist by profession, and specialised Engeering Geology, Environmental geology, geotecnics and Hydrogeology. Geology is my profession poetry is my passiong, nothing gives me joy like writing, I count poetry as my life, my joy, it gives me reason to live.
it also serves as therapy, it relieves my tension, and strengthen my nerves.

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Seun Bewaji 22 October 2012

Helo! I will like u to take ur precious time and add a comment about my poems thanks

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The Best Poem Of Seun Bewaji

Bruised Rose

Rose a lovely flower
A symbol of passion
An emblem of love
Endowed with charm
The bees search for you
They sing for you
Their dance is for you
They sting intruders
Because of your glory
You are never far
From passionate lovers
Their love is defined
When you are shared
The kings call for you
The warriors fight for you
You are ever found
In the possession of slaves
Though you are fragile
You grow within thorns
You suffer their sting
Your petals are bruised
For you to diffuse
No one appreciates you
Until you are bruised
In your cry
Their pleasure is found
Bruised rose
You are widely known
Not for your thorns
But your thorn petals

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Seun Bewaji Popularity

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