Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah

Rookie [Bahmedtijan] (Banjul, The Gambia)

Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah Poems

1. I Don'T Have A Story To Tell 1/3/2013
2. Ode To Frienemy 2/2/2013
3. Happy Independence 2/17/2013
4. From One 'Kalou' To Another 3/25/2013
5. Being Me 6/8/2013
6. Ramadan 8/4/2013
7. Conversation With The Devil 8/6/2013
8. Eid Is Tomorrow But I Am In Sorrow 8/8/2013
9. Welcome To Sharda 11/15/2012
10. My Winter Charm 11/15/2012
11. My Love 11/18/2012
12. Homesick - Part 1 2/2/2014
13. I Am Not Only Trying To Say Hi 2/27/2014
14. Laaki Ndongo 3/22/2014
15. Love Before First Sight 5/5/2014
16. You Are So Beautiful It Hurts 1/4/2014
17. The Guy In The Mirror 12/18/2012
18. I Don'T Give A F*** 12/16/2012

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I Don'T Give A F***

Let me tell you a story I witnessed,
it's a true story about how I handle my business.

'Once upon a time
I didn't give a F***
The End'

Let me updat you with the news,
It's all current; in fact it's breaking news.

'At this point in time
I don't give a F***
The End'

Let me tell you the prophecies,
Prophesied by the prophets of derogatory criticism

'There will be a time
I will not give a F***
The End'

They say those who use the words 'SWAGGER' and 'HATERS' the most,
Have the least of both
Well I don't give a F*** if I ...

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Welcome To Sharda

Now I guess ya'll already understand what I'm going to be saying to you, so I'm not going to recite to you a long poem that will end up boring you but I'll just pour out to you what I feel in me and probably you do too. This ain't no free style neither is it a wild style I'm just hoping to speak to you, for a just a little while.

Now I left home with hope and prayers from the pope and my hair combed to come to a different land to learn one, two, three and A, B, C, and may be add to that, the

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