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A Love To Call My Own

I knew from the beginning
That you were just a flirt,
But yet I fell in love with you
Knowing I'd be hurt.

When You Love Someone

When you love someone so deep inside,
It seems like it's so easy to hide.
You've loved him for so very long,
You would think he could do no wrong.

The Best Times Of My Life.

I miss you when something really good happens,
because you are the one I want to share it with.

I miss you when something is troubling me,

Forget The Times

Forget the times he walked by,

Forget the times he made you cry,

I'M Sorry

I'm sorry for everything you've been through
It must've been very hard on you
I'm sorry for all that's been said and done
I was the moon, you were the sun

As Days Flew By

The very first time I saw you,
Was special how we met.
You took me by complete surprise.
I knew my heart was set.

I Am Someone

I am someone
I walked past a dead face
even though the person was alive
I saw my eyes in the mirror

You'Ll Know

When the wind blows
And whispers through the trees,
You'll know I remember you.

To My Best Friend

This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long
I am feeling so alone.

But M Like This Since Yesterday

I dn know i have some sort of feeling different

M not bore
M not sad