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species, species one and all
who is smartest of them all-
domestic animals invented, breeds
caged to feed, to work, to please

the cat she sits,
a stoic,
purrs and meows
as fits her mood,

boxed in
pin pointed

For all to see
Paint brush of inner feeling
Colors the face
With crimson signs

for every cause an effect
what created the cause, another effect,
sounds too circular to accept,
doesn't explain, the why

the other me slithers out of
peep holes, cracks and crannies
slides and spreads, rolls and multiplies
filling the here and vast beyond

Computer, compuer
Whose Master or Slave would you be
Computer computer programmed by me
No slave will you be nor master of me

to market to market a bag full of scruples,
hear me one and all, they are worth their weight in gold
to ward off the evil eye and simple pie man,
come one, come all, have a peek and seek no more

I had been reading the
literary supplement
if I were an anthropologist or social apologist
I'd find it possible to assimilate

a visit to the hospital ward,
at twilight time before the Sabbath
depressing and necessary,
void and empty,

she tells me what to do
even while I am
or plan to
or think I am


I'm not a racist, I just don't want, to live with them
What makes you think, they want to live with you,
See, it's them, they are bloody racists,
I wonder why, they don't want to live with me

a thorny stem
with a head full of petals
soft to the touch

I sat down and cried, wondered why, magic died
Do you know of its demise,
Now I fear and dare not dream of miracles
And how we came about, and fables full of doubt

you incline your head,
vessel which chambers, sweet thoughts,
tilting my senses to follow,
each posture a symphony of magic

with a cup of wine
come dine with me,
on thoughts of mine,

gloved against contact
by weather and epidermis
pop crinkle and crackle,
mute sonic traces of



She is everything
That I am not

Bottled up and boxed in
Again and again

from one worry to the next, I'm worried
at intervals and pauses,
I find time to worry
one man's worry,

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' Humble And Humane

species, species one and all
who is smartest of them all-
domestic animals invented, breeds
caged to feed, to work, to please
for comfort and our ease,

can they think, ache and communicate
we gathered and wandered
vast steepes, arid deserts, smokey jungles
climbed craggy cliffs, immigrated
to seashores and off shores

ranged and roamed the planet
paternal scientists became
of their fate and destiny
feed starve and eat, often make extinct
humane and humble ask, can they think

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Enoch John 13 September 2008

Hello Shimon, I have been looking at your work.I must say that you have quite an impressive anthology here.

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