Cover me with your beauty sublime;
Stain upon my heart the dying echo of love.
Plant in my bosom the eternal seed of hope
And I'll reap a harvest of fulfilment.

Islands of these Caribbean waters that sparkle in earth's orb,
Like a kaleidoscope of colours in an artistic display of genius.We hear
A malady of intoxicating melodies which exhilarates, thousands
Worshipping at the shrine of steel pan at the Savannah,

Walking in the shadows of love
Seems always clothed with uncertainty;
Clouded passages and walls that hide
True feelings of the heart

Any new ideas or thoughts lately?
You don't want to tell.Ok, so
You have closed up your mind like a window,
So the rain and the wind could beat on it.

in the monumental scheme of things
i sit
on the beach.

Oh, Ransomed soul.
Oh, heart aglow.

Divine sparks that fly

Fear binds us to the earth
But faith lifts us to the heavens!

Hate burdens the bearer

Love can be stronger than the wind,
Or can leap over mountains or the wide ocean.
Love can envelop and overpower even the stone-hearted,
Melting down that hard heart as heat to ice.

Oh Solitude!
Ah grief!
Thou twin tormentors
That keep so close

[For Derek Walcott]

Far from the Aegean deep, in our Caribbean Elysium shores,
In a fresh cadence, chanting a new mantra,

A heart of gold she has
Sincerity etched upon her face
Humility as a cloak she wears
Solemnly going about life's task

In the new year I will take Descartes ''cogito ergo sum'' and play philosopher,
And I will try to put flame in every line of syntax,
I'll ask my muse again and again to speak more urgently.
Just as the day ends and the morning begins anew,


the sun peeks at me
through his yellowed gaze
his rays penetrative, downward tilted,
and making earth

[ For a Shakespearean audience, written after the poet's muse had fallen under Cupid's influence]

Allow not impediments to hamper,
A love that's born to be true,

Love is a kind of emotion
That can confuse man or woman
Anytime of the night or day.
It can make you laugh or cry,


is the Dawn, opening

the book


is like watching sunrise,
there is no disguise.

There's a beauty in the stars the wellspring of love,
My epiphany of love reveals that love is in the gait of prince and peasant alike,
What shall I bring you on this night when the stars illume the vast sky,
And salted wind blows in from the ocean and deposits its smell on me?

An abstract painting is so much an imitation of life,
Insofar as it does not readily define something,
Or what the artist is really trying to depict,
But on closer examination the trained eye

It is said that...........
Some men are born great
Some become great
And others have greatness thrusted upon them.

ENOCH JOHN Biography

Teacher/Poet, holds a teacher's diploma /Valsayn Teachers' College A degree in English from THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES Working on a postgraduate dissertation.Wants to become one of the greatest poets of the modern dispensation.Has read Shakespeare, Dante and Walcott. A writer in exile at home. Has a passion for poetry. Presently working on another anthology. Born to Kenneth and Sylvia John at Enterprise, Trinidad almost fifty years ago.Grew up in Pentecostal Church. This background influences his poetry.Enoch john wants to start a literary fire that will burn worldwide.This collection is entitled; SELECTIVE WORKS and I dedicate it to all poets, small and great; past and present.)

The Best Poem Of ENOCH JOHN

Valentine Love Song

Cover me with your beauty sublime;
Stain upon my heart the dying echo of love.
Plant in my bosom the eternal seed of hope
And I'll reap a harvest of fulfilment.

Ignite upon the window of my heart
The everlasting fires of hope and liberty.
Permit my ear to hear, the rippling chords
Of the melody of your love song.

A love song sung in dire earnest
As in unison both hearts quietly beat.
Hide me under the wings of your passion
And I'll rest in contentment forevermore.



writing poetry is like drinking vintage wine.

ENOCH JOHN Popularity

ENOCH JOHN Popularity

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