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You gentley picked me up in your arms
I could feel your heart beat against mine

I close my eyes and my thoughts wonder off to a special place
Theres men, women, even little children roaming about
No worries, pain, or sorrow in sight only joyful tears and laugther
As the clouds pass I stand in silence my head bowed

I woke up this morning, you were on my mind
Oh how I wish you were here holding me in your arms
I know how much you love me.and I love you Just The Same
Our love for one another grows stronger everyday,

I headed off into the night, not knowing where I was going

I'll always remember that day in may 1983
I was standing at the foot of dad's bed

My days are getting longer.
My nights are getting lonelier
If only I could see you
My pain would be easier

The Pillow Where You last laid Your head

Why did you leave Me, Why did you have to go
The pillow where you last laid your head

Bring A Friend

I'm not just youe mother, Im your best friend to
So won't you come join me next sunday

corner Cafe

I saw you today at the
little corner cafe

when we met on plenty of fish, and you emailed me.
that's the day my world changed, I found the man of my dreams
I love you more then words can say, I'll love you til my dying days
As I lay in your arms, I feel so safe, As no harm will come to me

when I came into this world It wasn; t my choice
It was very hard living with the dad I had

Would You Dance With Me

When I laid down my head, I called your name
But you never answer

Come to me my darlin I want to wrap you in my arms
Come to me my darlin I want to take your pain away

This isn't about antiques
But a friend you handle

There Calling For Snow This Week End
Will you be here to keep me warm
Please circle yes or no
Will you be here to tuck me in

I tossed and turned all night long
I didn't sleep ah wink
I cry my self to sleep each night
On my tear stained pillow

we lay on a blanket
on a warm summer night
holding hand
not saying a thing

Another week end
has come an gone

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Hi my name is Shirley. I was born in Pekin, Illinois to Walter Franklin Huskisson and Edith May Smith. I now live in a town called Stover, Missouri. I have four boys and one girl and a 26 grandchildren 2 have passed away, and 4 great grandchildren. I love to sing and write poems. I also enjoy fishing, camping, going to flea markets, im just an all around fun person to be around. I enjoy being with my family and talking with my friends.)

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You Came To Me In My Dream Last Night

You gentley picked me up in your arms
I could feel your heart beat against mine
You carried me to a field of flowers so sweet
You laid me down and brushed back my hair
With butterfly kisses on my lips and cheeks
It made my body trimble
I hungered for your touch your embrace

As the passion got stronger and stronger
I knew i had to have you
I could feel the heat from your body touching mine
I whispered in your ear make love to me
I need to know how it feels for you to love me
We make love til morning light
Oh what a beautiful night
We had in a field of flowers so sweet

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