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Unethical Beauty

Is the pursuit of beauty
A woman's duty?

Is a breast augmentation


In the shade of the weeping willow tree
Please lay me down and lie with me.

Confide all your dreams, whisper your fears

Seeking Inner Peace

I am a soul who is
Surrounded by confusion
With my mind blurred
By the constant intrusion

A Shiny Medal

Will he see the sun for another day
Or will they carry his body away
In pieces, or downed by a single sniper shot.
He loves this life but hope he has not.

The World At Large

Lock the doors and pull the blinds
The world is mad - it's scary times.

The streets are violent, full of blood

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Jerry Hughes 07 September 2009

Pity you don't enjoy the classics, you're missing out on J S Bach. Cheers, Jerry

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Mahendra Choudhary 15 August 2009

shirley i gone through your poem 'a little bit of love' very nice poem. very well composed. its wonderful.

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I am just a person struggling with life's minor and major issues - just the same as everyone else. I am here at Poemhunter to present a uniqueness that is me and to talk with my inner voice. I came last year and posted the site with a variety of poems - but now I am just taking the time to post as and when I feel the need. Life changes, we change a ...

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