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Is the pursuit of beauty
A woman's duty?

Is a breast augmentation

In the shade of the weeping willow tree
Please lay me down and lie with me.

Confide all your dreams, whisper your fears

I am a soul who is
Surrounded by confusion
With my mind blurred
By the constant intrusion

Will he see the sun for another day
Or will they carry his body away
In pieces, or downed by a single sniper shot.
He loves this life but hope he has not.

Lock the doors and pull the blinds
The world is mad - it's scary times.

The streets are violent, full of blood

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I am just a person struggling with life's minor and major issues - just the same as everyone else. I am here at Poemhunter to present a uniqueness that is me and to talk with my inner voice. I came last year and posted the site with a variety of poems - but now I am just taking the time to post as and when I feel the need. Life changes, we change and that is all good. Life is an experiment, sometimes we can anticipate the outcome but most of the time we flail around looking to others to provide care, help and answers for us. I am trying to take the time to look within. Well that is a small snippet of my own personal philosophy - not up for discussion just my own slant on life.)

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Unethical Beauty

Is the pursuit of beauty
A woman's duty?

Is a breast augmentation
A womanly obligation?

Does the botox injection
Assure us of affection?

With lips like a fish
Is it a better kiss?

Can men no longer see the spark
Within their woman's heart?

That stands her out from the rest
How many times does she need to pass the test?

Let's get off this merry-go-round
Be firm and stand our ground.

Too many fat bald men in this world
What the hell are we running for girls?

Let them do the nips and tucks
For women this treatment sucks.

Be happy with the person you are inside
And wear those wrinkles with shining pride!

Copyright Shirley Woods 28/6/10

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Jerry Hughes 07 September 2009

Pity you don't enjoy the classics, you're missing out on J S Bach. Cheers, Jerry

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Mahendra Choudhary 15 August 2009

shirley i gone through your poem 'a little bit of love' very nice poem. very well composed. its wonderful.

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Shirley Woods Popularity

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