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Shirow Walker Poems

1. Post Modern Artist 12/17/2008
2. Vegas Winter 12/17/2008
3. The Yin And It's Yang 12/17/2008
4. Inaction 12/17/2008
5. Sleep 12/17/2008
6. Death At A Wedding 1/4/2009
7. Lover's Tryst 1/4/2009
8. Adultery 8/28/2009
9. Little Sheep 9/4/2009
10. Glorious Apathy 9/5/2009
11. Hell 9/6/2009
12. Storming Sea 9/13/2009
13. Rain 11/5/2009
14. Three Days 1/15/2010
15. A Girl 1/15/2010
16. Unnotable 2/23/2010
17. The Sorrow That Knowledge Brings 2/23/2010
18. Physicality 3/27/2010
19. Old And Forgotten 3/29/2010
20. Vindicated 4/18/2010
21. More 5/22/2010
22. Settle 1/24/2010
23. Baffle 1/28/2010
24. Unrequited 2/12/2010
25. Sardonic 2/22/2010
26. Honesty 1/20/2010
27. Broken Hearts 1/4/2009
28. Proud To Be A Frog 5/27/2010
29. Little Bird 6/6/2010

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Little Bird

Sing little bird, I knew you first.
Your words so gentle; fell
and settled to cast a shadow
one night upon my window sill.

To each, their own; it is said,
in this I did not deny you;
but in faint light to my bed
you came with twilight's dew.

Between a crook you stayed;
wove a nest of fallen feather
and sang a song longingly
for southern land's warmer weather.

In that winter I studied you,
both wing, nape and breast.
And in my hand I preserved you;
onto which your lore came to rest.

But, in time, winter waned
as spring ...

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When the day is done,
when all lights have gone and every one is too.
What are we left with?
Our Memories?
Our possessions?
Even those are no good when we sleep our eternal sleep.
Neither are friends,
nor family members,

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