Shiv priya Poems

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My Voice Of The Sapphire Emotions Of A Fading String!

O Halfheartedness!
Are you the only emotion left in me?
O Nonchalant!
Why do you worry while singing?

The Attractive Quotient Of Diplomacy

Decency and decree of valuable trust is an enigmatic soul of diplomacy.
How did diplomacy arise?
Between two individuals,
The same mindset meets the different perspectives or the same alike categories. They discover their essentials and keen interest.

Insulting is not how I will clear this fact to you that your fake diplomacy and pretentious character are the worst and weak factors that will cause your fall.

Do you report back to your emotions in that fake diplomacy? When you have the ideas of vengeance and damaging others. Your speech won't support the inner format of hard-hearted diplomacy (Where little constructive and positive way would come up) .
In this case, either you will leave behind many traces of the building of your traps and eventually fail upon your ideas.

Human Intention And Conscience- Mind It!

There is a delicate factor that dwells in all of us. It is the conscience; it is present in all of us. Generally, if we do wrong, our conscience won't let us stay at peace. It guides us on the right path by avoiding the wrath and living with integrity. Our peace is essential—our means- me, along with others. Suppose I enter a bus where everyone is shouting, crying, and yelling. I don't think I will be at peace or remain unaffected!

When it comes to politics, our intentions matter the most. It's important to consider how we will handle the questions others pose to us. Will we answer in a way we think they want to hear without genuinely caring about the outcome? Or will we promise what is in our hearts? Our heart's deep desire often drives us to pursue what is best for ourselves. However, we must also consider the needs and necessities of other people and the reasons behind our promises to them. Are we doing it for the sake of dependents or simply for the sake of recognition and power that comes with being a leader?

The Questions And The Support System!

What does it mean to support someone in politics? Does it mean to focus on good things and ignore the wrong things? If your beliefs differ from others, how do you resolve conflicts? What you think is right may be different for everyone else!

Nothing is ever completely perfect; there is always room for growth!

It is always better to get rid of something and discard it if it does not serve a purpose, especially with the media being a powerful tool in our country. The Media has a significant impact and is a powerful influence, so it is crucial to remain mindful, vigilant, and remember to be kind so that we take advantage of opportunities to become more well-intentioned!

A mix of different ideas and cultures can make us stronger and better at dealing with different opinions. How? When we embrace diversity, our other beliefs and cultures gain the strength to gracefully accept differing opinions and become more courageous and confident in standing up for what is right.

Nothing But Ashes In Its Wake!

No matter what we do, we will become the black dust of our ashes.
Our mind can't die, even if it's intentional, non-intentional, deeply aware, or only partially aware!
It has no physical covering like our skin, a protective barrier for our bodies.

Reflections By The Pond!

Once upon a time, a small pond was surrounded by mesmerizing yellow flowers. It reminded me of how much I adore the things I love.
The realization of this moment filled my heart with the sound of chirping birds!
The cuckoo sang with its brightest tone from the rooftop branch.
My eyes brimmed with tears as I enjoyed the sight of a mother swan cuddling its tiny tot beside the pond. A yellow duckling saw the affection of the mother swan and ran towards them, but by then, it was too late.

The Picture Of My Faith!

I wonder about the imagery of my faith.
I feel the presence of a happy sun
when I'm stuck with the sight to know how its essence thrives.

My Last Place: Seeking Love And Wisdom!

O! My last place, would you like to teach me what love is by showing me how to bend?

O! My last place, do you want to teach me what competition is by competing with the sheer madness of all the societal stigmas?

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