Human Intention And Conscience- Mind It! Poem by Shiv priya

Human Intention And Conscience- Mind It!

There is a delicate factor that dwells in all of us. It is the conscience; it is present in all of us. Generally, if we do wrong, our conscience won't let us stay at peace. It guides us on the right path by avoiding the wrath and living with integrity. Our peace is essential—our means- me, along with others. Suppose I enter a bus where everyone is shouting, crying, and yelling. I don't think I will be at peace or remain unaffected!

When it comes to politics, our intentions matter the most. It's important to consider how we will handle the questions others pose to us. Will we answer in a way we think they want to hear without genuinely caring about the outcome? Or will we promise what is in our hearts? Our heart's deep desire often drives us to pursue what is best for ourselves. However, we must also consider the needs and necessities of other people and the reasons behind our promises to them. Are we doing it for the sake of dependents or simply for the sake of recognition and power that comes with being a leader?

Bringing out the best in ourselves and those around us is essential. Only by clearly understanding these factors can we be strong, not just in our hearts but also in our minds and actions, as we work towards creating a better future for ourselves and those around us. While power can certainly help, it's important to remember that it requires a lot of sacrifice and giving of oneself. Our intentions must always be pure, and we must never harm others for our gain.


Human Intention And Conscience- Mind It!
I've added a new chapter to my latest post on politics. This new chapter explores human intention and conscience.
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