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We are Indians, Very proud of it.
Hundred crore peoples are here
All of them are living an unity..
Sikhs, Tamils are brothers

I love you in every whare
What did you done fot it?
I have fell in love with you
Amazing with love on you


Oh my dear birds the mom call
The bird peep and protrude nest
Creech, Creech oh my dear birds

I tried to put up a brave face
And see you in the eye
You told me you would be sincere
And I had no feare of losing you

One fine morning i went my school
To meet my teachers and friends
Saw what i never had seen in their
Totaly changed atmosphere!

Happy to know that you are stepping,
Stepping in to my sweet home!
Sweet December brings dreams.
Prosperous life is leading with love.

The land explodes atom every day
In the name of ‘Laughing Buddha'
Where the Buddha has born in …India?
Thou scarred poverty everyday

Behold! Birds clanged; whitish conch
At the abode of eagle's king is blaring;
Won't thou listen? Lassie arise!
Poison, He sucked from devil’s breast

We dance like the boat
With the passions as waves
I saw the wonders of the world
With the glimpse of her corner

Ages turns an endless pages;
Always reveal something wonders.
In reasonable, may be in valuable
Form your time as a vault to know you.

Let us go and gather pearls in the shore;
For the ornaments and make it as shine.
Let us teturned to our home, for the wind,
Has caused the waves to raise, caution me

I am seeing your part that no one else can
Dear i try to listen what you have said
You told me that you have love with me
seducing me to hug, you pressed lips on me

one fine morning she is walking with me
her heart is in love im with in her hug..
she is open hearted and she is in clutch
crossed fourty nine but in glimpse so young


Death is not the end
But rather than begining
People destroy beautiful moments
Believing that this is the end!

Little lantern lit on a mountain
The light shines every whare
Enlighten people in its glory
Like this good will of people

My dreams are faded
Getting love hated.
How many days and nite
How can i spent tweilight

We are the apart, i did not cry
yet now i do i tried to be strong
you told me you loved me
so sweet and sincere

Walking on the way in the sky
Having the cool breez on me.
Fragrance of the flowers there
Travelling on the chariot with love.


Hey my love!
Don't maintain distance
Come close and listen.
Smell the fragrance of rose


Brought forth rainy clouds;
Where, she is cool rain water.
Yet you are a cool breeze.
Not far from horizon

Sivashanmugam Shanmugam Biography

Shivayadav, aged 53, Karur town Tamilnadu India. I had my primary, School and College education in various institutions like St. Francis convent in Coimbatore, St.Therasa in Karur. Here after I had completed my S.S.L.C. in the year 1973 at Puthur Bishop Heber High School in Trichy. P.U.Course In Nehru Memorial College, puthanampatti, in Trichy district. At the year 1977 I have joined the bachelor's degree at Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy where’s at then affiliated to Madras University. Since, after completing my studies I have engaged in business. Happily married, having two sons, both are software engineers, while the elder is living in U.S.A. the youngest son employed in Wipro, Chennai. I am passionate with poems, photography and reading books.)

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India Is My Country

We are Indians, Very proud of it.
Hundred crore peoples are here
All of them are living an unity..
Sikhs, Tamils are brothers
Bengalis and telugus are sisters
Thousand Gods are here and thare
Only God is our Bharath Matha..
Twenty eight states, seven territories
Having their own cultures and customs
No wonders, they are not ridicule others.
Costumes may be differ but national is one
Hormonious accomodating every whare
Obliging manners are in all hearts..
It is our India.India is my country.
Giving pleasures in thinking of my country
Might be superior to others.. in 2020.

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Thanks for the am in USA

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Abhay Vignesh L 03 March 2011

Nice themes you have chosenYou have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing

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