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23 April 2016

love isn't about how much you have in common its about how much you understand in mutual!

23 April 2016

loneliness is just the absence of love!

24 April 2016

everyone bears fear, but those are the champions who overcome it!

25 April 2016

be the one that you wanna be, not the one that others wanna see.....

26 April 2016

trusting someone is quite easy, but being trusted is too damn hard!

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Pavithra Subramanian 23 February 2017

Lovely poems!?? Continue the work!?

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The Best Poem Of shrutika kahale

Perfect Love

She wasn't a perfect lady,
ill tempered, with a mind unsteady.
she possessed no ego, neither an attitude,
with no sense of humor and her life almost screwed.

yet people loved her, so did she,
but a guy loved her to infinity.

he never pampered her,
never showed her pictures that were blur,
he never assured to fetch her moon and stars,
never promised to be her Valdemar,
never promised to abandon his life for her,
never assured to be her knight in shinning armor.

all women desired beauty and men,
she didn't desire any of it,
she was just another dumb, yet another insane,

she was herself and quintessential,
she never bothered about others, that's what made her special!

he praised her beauty,
even when she was in pajamas,
And her hair tied up,
even when her eyes were sleepy,
And smudged makeup!

she wasn't a perfect lady,
he wasn't a perfect man,
yet their love was perfect,
which made the whole world their fan!

they loved each other without knowing the meaning of love,
they made a perfect couple on all above!

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shrutika kahale Popularity

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