Silverinna Annastasia Poems

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An Angel

I seen angels' cry, angels' die, angels' fallen down.
I seen a few here, a few there, but never in town.
Until I saw you, you're coming through, you're smiling at me.
Now I know, it's not for show, now I truly see.

Blurry Nightmare

Who am I meant to be?
What am I suppose to see?
When I look in a mirror I see a blur.
How do I get rid of this thing that stirs?


He turns away, and I cry.
I run to him, yes I try.
He leaves me alone with a shard in my heart.
This man has torn me apart.

My Hope

I see the angels take him away, take away his soul.
Gone. Forever he is gone. No longer will I his smiling, child-like face, no longer will I hear his contagious laughter, no longer will I feel his small child hand within mine.

If You Could Change It (Would You Change It?)

You were born without a mother,
You were born with a cruel older brother
If it could change,
Would you change it?

The Runaway

He's running.
He cannot stand it.
The screaming.
The crying.

My Fantastic Friend

He is goofy, but caring.
He loves his jokes, but comforts me when I need him to.
I love his deep, yet, soft voice.
I love the way he laughs, because his happiness makes me happy.

Summer Field

Standing on a hill, watching the sun burn a brilliant gold.
The wonders never told.
She feels the suns rays on her fair cheeks and she smiles.
She came from far away to be here, she travelled miles.

Lovely Flames

Loving you always hurt me, but I could never stay away.
At first you pushed me away, but then you opened your arms to me.
It was easy, at first, because you let things sway.
But your true colours began to show and now I see.

Our Love,

He looks into my eyes.
Suddenly I smile and blush.
My heart suddenly shy's.
He laughs and lifts up my chin with a soft, strong hand.

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