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I became a poet when I was just a little girl. When I learnt more about words I mixed them with my feelings and some people say they are beautiful. And I hope they are.

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An Angel

I seen angels' cry, angels' die, angels' fallen down.
I seen a few here, a few there, but never in town.
Until I saw you, you're coming through, you're smiling at me.
Now I know, it's not for show, now I truly see.

Blurry Nightmare

Who am I meant to be?
What am I suppose to see?
When I look in a mirror I see a blur.
How do I get rid of this thing that stirs?


He turns away, and I cry.
I run to him, yes I try.
He leaves me alone with a shard in my heart.
This man has torn me apart.

My Hope

I see the angels take him away, take away his soul.
Gone. Forever he is gone. No longer will I his smiling, child-like face, no longer will I hear his contagious laughter, no longer will I feel his small child hand within mine.

If You Could Change It (Would You Change It?)

You were born without a mother,
You were born with a cruel older brother
If it could change,
Would you change it?

Silverinna Annastasia Comments

Beth Johnson 17 February 2012

I enjoyed this, A child can bring much love and happiness.Well written, beth

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Beth Johnson 17 February 2012

This is a ten if I knew how to vote.You brought a bit of humour with hush hush to a very serious topic.I was alarmed.beth

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Beth Johnson 17 February 2012

How strange I just wrote a poem on nightmare.Your feelings well expressed of wanting to be comforted, Well written, beth

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Beth Johnson 17 February 2012

I really enjoyed this poem.I have heartache an can relate to your emotions.I gave you 9 but it didn't work.Well rhymed.beth

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