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An angelic face with a calming smile
washes away all wearies of life
A soothing voice of a heavenly hymn
a shepherd's song on a fife

3 long years had passed
since I last was blessed
By the perfect smile of
your peaceful beautiful face

I dare Shakespeare to could have expressed in words
one of the moments when our lips sang the songs of humming-birds

I dare Romeo to could have translated by a touch

When I first glanced at your pictures
my eyes both saw you
When I heard your voice the first time
my ears both ensued

If i was a cut diamond you'd be my unique shine
If I was a grapevine farmer you'd be my finest wine
If I was a monk in a monastery you'd be my holy shrine
If I was an ancient god you'd be my Aphrodite

30 Oct 2007,03: 45 AM

As it Is called n known 2 B
A Sweet Dream, Nothin but a Dream

Feels now like I'm effortlessly flying
Soaring high without even trying
While the ground is still hugging my feet

Our lives are surrounded by war
Violence, murder, and hatred… what for?
Our Earth's perishing, can take no more
Our ship's sinking, with no sight of shore

Wondered for quite a while when my actual life had begun
The actual answer I got never stunned me to be the one
The day I met you my Earth had spun
Drew the cards of your black eyes the jackpot of life I won

Five beers later that evening wiped my mouth with a tissue
Took an uber home tipsy with 1 thought about a single issue

Smiling for no obvious reason other than her occupation of my mind

The Temptations Got their Girl
On a Cloudy Day
But I got Sunshine
During my Hurricane

He thought he found the one
after staring long enough in her eyes
He saw himself old in her arms
endless moons and suns set and rise

When life gives you a Lemon
do not allow it to rot in silence
Squeeze the love out of it
bask in every drop's rhymes

Another winter day, but was it?
Not really, for it was the day I met her
Music burst out of everything surrounding
the heartbeats turned to melodies of a chanter

Lost my path and walked blindly
on a dark road to the valley of death
Eyes wide open wit no vision or sight
lungs empty despite continuous breaths

It was four months into our relationship
She decided the time is right to upgrade our trip
It was time for Level Two so she untightened the grip
On a gorgeous golden booty freed one with a twist of her hip

With a smile sweeter than life
in a glimpse she made her way
straight into da depth of ma heart
her voice, her face, her dance, her sway

Sunday, June 17,2012 at 10: 38am

A Daughter's first Love and

Cupid knocked the bloody door
Something went wrong.. again
With his awful bow and arrows
Never invited.. yet he flew in

I want nothing than to be still and stare
At your gorgeous face forever and ever
I want to compare it to the stars and moons
For to my eyes, it is a feast of pleasures

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The Divine Nectar

An angelic face with a calming smile
washes away all wearies of life
A soothing voice of a heavenly hymn
a shepherd's song on a fife
Deep brown eyes sparkling with love
amazing though the color is rife
Falling for you nevertheless easy
yet inside me you created a strife

How unfair life is to cross our paths
strand me on your roads every day
All senses tremble with every thought of you
yet in a glance turn my colors grey
I see you near, at reach, close, a real dream
heartening adoration beyond portray
Then the closer I feel your warm presence
the further I realize you are far away

I will never lose the hope that one morning
I will wake up to your gorgeous face
With all the passion in my heart and soul
wake your eyes up with an embrace
Print it ever tenderly on your peaceful smile
rest my lips on their delightful place
Color it with your nectar of divine spittle
forever with your taste coat and encase

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Simon Chamoun 31 May 2012

I would appreciate any criticism. I hope you all enjoy it.

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