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Is that a Love poem?
Let me write you one
Mine is from the heart
No clever words spun

Cinderella well knows
How stories do go
Love is terribly slow
Your prince a no show

Pretty little thing
Sits and spins her web
Weaving in tales
That she'll soon forget

He called her his fire
She called him her ice
He tried to act cold
Her warmth felt too nice

I could write about a sunrise
The glistening waves of the sea
A mirage of rainbow colors
But that wouldn't be me

I think you understand
Deep inside we can relate
That joyous surprise
When you enter Love's gates

Drenched in gold
Every grain like salt
So beautiful and old
Every creature here

Bright summer blue
Over almond skin
With little white buds
Now where to begin?

Tear the flesh that
Binds me to you
Blood that drips
Down veins so blue

Sweet strawberries
She had picked a few
Juicy and oh so red
So sexy its true

Black the ink spill
On the floor
Black the room
With a locked door

It looks like winter
I thought we had spring
Just watching the wind
Tossing up everthing

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Poems always deliver a message I hope mine is one worth reading. Please come read more poems on my Google page.. https: //

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Love Is...

Is that a Love poem?
Let me write you one
Mine is from the heart
No clever words spun

No Images of nature
Magic or the thrill
Yes Love is beautiful
Yet it wounds to kill

For Love he lifts you
Your heart soars up high
Just don't forget the days
You fell so low and died

You want true Love
It all boils down to
Is that person making
You a bettter You?

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Unnikrishnan E S 19 March 2018

Hannah is a very talented poet. I had followed her poems reverently in her last birth. She has a treasure of fantastic vocabulary and the poems are forthright and imaginative. She writes very short poems, containing an ocean of emotions. Her marvelous poems like 3 am, Kerala and Burn Me are in my treasury. You can read translations of these poems in my page or on the pages of poet Ms Kavita Singh. I am so happy that she has come back on ph.

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Seamus O Brian 14 February 2018

I smiled when I chanced upon your name. I am happy to see that you have been busy exercising your talent for verse. Blessings to you and your family, good Sister.

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Sister Frances Popularity

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