Smoky Hoss

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Smoky Hoss Poems

481. Seen 7/19/2019
482. To Where 3/29/2018
483. Good-Night 12/27/2011
484. Poetic 2/27/2012
485. Final Glory 3/6/2012
486. Faded Ages 2/17/2012
487. Chipmunks Confusion 5/20/2012
488. Broken Dreams 5/30/2012
489. Rumors 6/13/2012
490. Breeze 4/6/2012
491. Rain 3/17/2012
492. Politics 3/23/2012
493. Thin Air 10/31/2012
494. The Mystery Of Water 8/14/2012
495. Fall Feeling 9/15/2012
496. Landscapes Of Living 11/29/2012
497. Doubts 8/30/2012
498. Animal Kingdom 5/30/2012
499. Burning Bridges 9/15/2011
500. To The Rodeo 9/21/2013
501. Victims Of The Cold 11/13/2013
502. Stature Of Senility 5/5/2014
503. In The Present 1/1/2018
504. Free Is 9/19/2011
505. Homeless 8/22/2011
506. On The Way. 6/11/2012
507. It's A Lonesome Desert At Night 8/23/2012
508. Strange Storm 7/7/2012
509. Small Wonder 9/7/2012
510. On Being Perfect 2/22/2014
511. Velocity 3/27/2014
512. Very Few Words 11/17/2012
513. My Old Hat 3/17/2012
514. A Short Yellow Rose 8/5/2013
515. Nothing More To Say 12/20/2013
516. Life Goes On 7/6/2012
517. Chance? 6/20/2012
518. Time Goes On Laughing 7/25/2012
519. Driving Through The Dark 4/12/2012
520. Listen (A Prayerful-Poem) 5/7/2012

Comments about Smoky Hoss

  • Jim Boone Jim Boone (6/18/2014 5:20:00 PM)

    Smoky, your poetry always leaves me wanting more of your insight and abandon. I love your work. Poem Hunter: I
    am having trouble with reading poems on here of late. When I pull one up it goes before I am finished. Que past?

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  • Jim Boone Jim Boone (10/13/2012 5:32:00 AM)

    Smoky, Contact me at We should do some poetry readings together. Jim

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  • Cynthia Buhain-baello Cynthia Buhain-baello (3/20/2012 8:00:00 AM)

    I find your poetry beautiful because of the honest heart-truth in it and how spontaneously you lay out that truth in smooth flowing words. I wish I could learn that art!

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  • Claudia Krizay Claudia Krizay (1/3/2012 10:33:00 PM)

    Everything I have read of Smokey's is well written and deeply inspirational- and very moving and interesting to read! ! Good work!

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  • Juan Olivarez Juan Olivarez (1/3/2012 7:37:00 PM)

    What can I say about Smokey, I know he is a great poet whose morals and positive outlook on life always shine through his words. His love for the great American Southwest which I share has endeared him to me. I can see his values and love for God in all his poetry. I just hope someday to be able to walk the Mojave with this poet who is such an inspiration t so many. Until that day pal, keep em flying.

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  • Eric Cockrell (10/14/2011 5:07:00 PM)

    Smoky's a poet with depth of heart, and an understanding of the human condition. always a good read!

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  • Patti Masterman (8/31/2011 10:05:00 AM)

    Continuous kindness, class, and deep thinking. That is what I know of Smoky Hoss. His name might convince you he has rough edges: but don't fall for that. He is a splendid writer and I'm glad I've come to know him here at poemhunter. You'll never regret reading his poetry; it will open your eyes to things you never suspected existed, to things you never gave much thought to before..he dreams hope into his messages to the reader, a valuable and lacking commodity in this age.

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Best Poem of Smoky Hoss

Aging Poet

Come and see the old poet
Laying in his bed of ashes and dust,
His love in ruins
His mentality frozen by restless rust,
His hungry heart emptied of it's fertile blood
His souls melodic purpose nearly gone,
The mellifluous music now so silent
The end, of a once wonderful and powerful song.

What happened to this poet
With dread you may ask,
The ancient story ofcourse
The evils of age and wear, and so damned many things out there
Working away at his heart, fulfilling their wretched task.

When poets speak truth and beauty into this old ...

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The Stone And I

I knealt low.
Getting a better look.
Wanting to pick it up, yet
feeling unworthy.
The simple small stone,
so plain yet precious,
having been here for eons, and I
only for a mere passing spell.
A temporary stature

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