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Love is no weakness...

Though we feel weak
when we fall.

They wondered why
I do not wear a watch
“I wouldn’t want to know

Stood in front of you
With a fashionable smile
Wore all covers
Posing as beauty…

Falling in slow motion …

Facing the sky
A blurry gaze

How can I put music into words
and not condemn it into one meaning...
Or perhaps another...?

This time, last year
in a cold no-where
all covered in white
heavy snow, I sat...

I close my eyes
And stare at you
Eyes darker than the dark
Creature of the night…

You drag back visions
Covered in seductive veils
Layers of invisible tulle
A cloak over your creeping tail

Take this journey
with me
cross the line
of eternity

At day he sleeps
At night he awakes
In front of blank paper
he waits…

What does it feel like?

out of craziness

With faded eyes
I stare at the time passing by
Feeling its breeze on my skin.

The hounds of madness
Chasing my thoughts
As my sanity spreads her wings
And tries to escape…

At times, I too
Find myself
After a drink or two
Surrounded by them

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I do not consider myself a poet... Instead, I just express myself through poems. Poetry is a way of thinking: I could unravel my thoughts through endless rumbling of words that still fail to capture the essence. Or, I could write a few verses, and in this way tell a story in a verse, share a feeling in another, save a thought in a poem. Someone dear to me once said 'by writting a thought you lose another'. I cannot stop writting, so at least I know that by handing a pen to my hand I save the most important thought of them all, the one that gave life to something eternal.)

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A.M. Thoughts

Love is no weakness...

Though we feel weak
when we fall.

But that's not all...

Sofia Papadimitri Comments

Beth Bridewell Mason 17 June 2004

Thank you for your very kind words about my work. I have to say your pieces really intrigued me, both in style and content and your appreciation of what I've attempted to do has been unexpected and I am grateful for it. Thank you again and kepp writing!

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Terry Donovan 18 May 2004

If you're not a poet - who is? Very much enjoyed your work. 'Once' was special. Like your style throughout.

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Stan Z 10 May 2004

wow your poem are soo good and i mean really good really beat my sort 5 minete poem your poems will take 20 days for me to write

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Lulu La Belle 09 May 2004

Hi Sofia, thank you for your comment. Somehow I write so much poetry on pain it comes as second nature to me And I don't realise it I could never write about love Maybe not right now Love that evades me Yes, I don't hate men, just the circumstances I have read your poetry Brilliant Verses that have hidden messages Messages only you understand Keeping it public, yet so private to you The words a colorful illustration I cannot wait to read the rest of your work Vina

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