Sojourner Kincaid Rolle Poems

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To Thine Own Flame Be True

There is a place in all our breasts
where we hold our truest treasures.

Free At Last - Juneteenth Poem. (Revised)

General Granger brought the news to
Galveston: "The war is over! "
President Lincoln signed a decree;
The Emancipation Proclamation

A Space Where A Poem Ought Be

I've known of missing poems before
poems stronger than the suppressing hand
poems more powerful than the invisibility

The Mockingbird's Song

It was after the flags had been lowered -
We lifted our heads to watch

Standing On The Place Where Langston's Ashes Reside

In humble apropros
Standing within the circle
That holds in loving care
All that lies between-

We, The Women

(On the 100th Anniversary of Women's' Right To Vote In California)

Centenary greetings to the daughters of the suffragettes.
We are all daughters of the suffragettes.

Chiascuro (On Cleaning The Sistine Chapel Frescoes)

Ironic that the truth
should be sought
on the shoulder of Eve

Where The Hum Begins

I am in a place
where water rolls across the stones
rippling in ranges
too high for human tones to mimic

Spirit Passing

Beneath the untroubled brambles
beyond the reach of marauding scavengers

The Task Of Our Time

It is the task of our time to document the ways of our
time; their antecedents and authenticities. To show
the status of ritual as it is alive and in action now.

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