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Her smile is a selcouth,
She ain't fair,
She is kalon,
She ain't arrogant,

That January,
A freezing winter night,
Where the snow had blocked the windows,
with a cigarette in betwixt her shivering fingers

Me & the hollowness in my aura, often chat about the Twinkling of your eyes with the stars;
[Let me tell you a secret, they're jealous, tbh]
My tongue spoke my mind, the cheeks & eyes ended up embarrassing me.
The most important thing about kissing you was soothing your soul through the bend of your lips.

I woke up in the morning,
Nobody to wish a 'good mornin' to
Unlike yesterday,
The sunrays that pierced the curtains,

I'm tired can I keep my head in your lap under your aphotic hairs?
I'm starving can you feed me with your hands again?
I'm misty-eyed can you cuddle me one more time?
I'm walking solitary can you knot your runt finger with mine?

Beneath his feet lies a rose,
Crushing it under;
He moves.

Dwell in the blackness of the rattling four walls,
Let's see;
Who Unkisses Whom?
When Thee have Thy Back Against The Wall,

Go & Reveal,
My Love & Zeal.
Tell Her,
I'm fadin'way outta Her Arms

Scatterbrained for a Mo,
Sailed in the strangest Brew,
Fake-Crawled to the Prow,
Scuttled a Barque & Flew,

The Survivors of Your Bermuda Triangle
Look like Me,
Am I still special,

In the Stygian Gloom,
Taller than his shadows,
He Stood.
With Lioness' Skin as cloak he stood,

Ogling at life in my room,
Sinking Slowly,
Drowning too soon,
Confused Betwixt, Bane or a Boon,

Lifting her up in my hands,
Heart Racing faster than Light Speed
Without any errands.

It was all dark and sombre,
She came in and illuminated it,
The Room always knew that the Light Shall leave him &
Love the Sun at the end of the day,

He kept running away,
Picking himself up Running,
Everytime with higher Velocity,

Just a cold blooded Animal, Attending his own funeral,
Running thousand miles,
Rising out of his own ashes
With a cunning Smile,

The Conch Of the war is blown,
The broad-shouldered men with their Bow & Arrows,
Against them stands a Tall Lean Human, with long and skinny arms,

Feels like Some doors have been Unlocked inside him,
Making him feel more:
Music, Art, Movies and Humans.

Endings are not always nice
But the nicer part is,
They always promise a new start,
When writing his story,

Darker than the sombre no moon night in here,
Gloomy than a tenebrific cave,
Not a noun,
Just a mirage darker than any reality,

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My Serendipity- A Girl With Pony-Tail

Her smile is a selcouth,
She ain't fair,
She is kalon,
She ain't arrogant,
She is an introvert.
Her eyes behind those thick lenses redefine innocence,
They are intrépide.
Her tough outward look and her sincerity delineating vintage watch,
She is not lassie with heels,
She opts out flats.
Her unvarnished finger nails and ink marks on her palm,
Her eyes never postulate lashes to embellish them.
Her sincere school girl look with her bag on her shoulder stiff and tight,
Her water bottle and pen box in graduation class is a rare sight.
She might not be alluring to many
her minutae can lead anyone to sciamachy.
With all girls in class with pseudo-beauty,
She personifies purity.
The hanging around of her mop on her forehead lanes is my querencia.
Her absence might go unnoticed by others
She is her own cosmos.
Her beauty is kalon.
She is a girl with pony-tail,
My serendipity.

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