Somendra Gaur Poems

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Another Bottle Of Wine?

Under the lamp In these dark nights I miss our silly fights,
The way you pounded your head in my chest
The life was at its best.
Your cute gestures between those messy hairs and when our lips met on the upstairs.

One Night Stand

The intense darkness of the room faded with the brightness of her eyes shining a little more than Sirius,
They wanted to paint themselves with love before moment faints.
Neither of them broke the dignity of silence,
He just situated her mop at the rear of her ear to say the unsaid

My Sunlight

These night zephyr tell me how solitary I am without you my ma'am,
And in darkness of these nights my heart weeps for its Sunlight.
This bereft heart owing misty-eyes isn't aware how to fight,
The zillion curses you gave are absurd to hide.


I'm tired can I keep my head in your lap under your aphotic hairs?
I'm starving can you feed me with your hands again?
I'm misty-eyed can you cuddle me one more time?
I'm walking solitary can you knot your runt finger with mine?

My Serendipity- A Girl With Pony-Tail

Her smile is a selcouth,
She ain't fair,
She is kalon,
She ain't arrogant,

The Unsung Saga Of A Secret Admirer

The walkway echoed with the sound of her anklets.
A busy pair of eyes out of nowhere got struck at her earrings,
Nothing appeared sporadic in them,
Everything felt like part of the daily schedule,

Love At First Site?

Their eyes caught a glance with sudden,
And he passed beside her,
The fragrance of her forehead sweat imitated Cologne,

Like An Afreet

Rejected by isolation he prevails like an afreet,
She was the petrichor of the first monsoon or,
The apricity to him,

Suicide Note

Watching the raindrops,
Rolling down the car window feeling the teardrops rolling down my cheeks.
Watching the scattering of light from street lamps,
Thinking 'bout your unfaithful love, Which crippled my soul from toes to skull,

A Moon With Gravity

He was a wanderlust untill he met those mazy eyes,
Every thing fainted in that rain even the existence of time.
Even swoosh of the gust took a halt to feel the fragrance of her hairs
The burst of her laughclung to his soul,

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