Something Special

Something Special Poems

1. Our Love 11/23/2007
2. Hurt 2/8/2009
3. Me And Rain 2/9/2009
4. Death Mocks Life 3/13/2009
5. Lovely Love 3/14/2009
6. The Wire 4/20/2009
7. Light 4/22/2009
8. Sweet Love 4/23/2009
9. Something So Simple 6/22/2009
10. I'M Stupid 4/24/2010
11. Obsessed 9/5/2011
12. I Still Love You 9/5/2011
13. Grandma 3/16/2009
14. The Boat 3/15/2009
15. Something Special 3/15/2009
16. Sunny Days And Pretty Roses 3/23/2009
17. Believe 4/24/2010
18. Best Of Me 7/3/2011
19. Onomatopoeia La La La 4/21/2009
20. Suicidal Thoughts 3/16/2009
Best Poem of Something Special

Suicidal Thoughts

These suicidal thought are running through my head.
I wish I was done, I wish I was dead.
These suicidal thoughts just wont go away.
I don’t want to live another miserable day.
These suicidal thoughts are all mixed in my brain.
I’m losing my mind, , I’m going insane.
These suicidal thoughts just wont let me be.
I wish I could change the person called me.
These suicidal thoughts tell me to end it.
I yell, and I scream, and I beg them to quit.
These suicidal thoughts have taken control.
They’ve torn me down they’ve killed my soul.
These suicidal thoughts ...

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Me And Rain

The Rains And I.
At Times We Are Loud,
At Times We Are Quiet.
At Times We Are Gentle,
At Times We Are Disastrous.
To Some We Bring Happiness,
To Others We Bring Saddness.

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