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a friend so loving, adorable and rare;
a heart so tender, full of care.
special is the relation which we do share;
which returned smile to my every single tear.

shores never meet but,
share the same ocean.
heart often cries but,
preserves all emotion.

An epitome of peace and synonym of joy,
A loving bond which time fails to destroy.
Where estacy resides and everywhere does happiness roam,
I feel glad to say its my home sweet home.

eachday is alone in this long silent year,
never let your eyes loose a single tear,
enlarge it to see deep, beyond and far,
to find the moon alone in the midst of million star.

a wish to get back the smile lost,
days seem cloven with deep dark frost,
when will the dews of joy shine again,
relieving the aches and the throbbing pain.


Life is a deal, where challenges are many,
where love is an unsolved riddle and success is like honey.

some days off colour, some are bright,

ye dhua dhua sa rehne do.
palko me naami aur
bikhre huye alfaz rehne do.
naa jane ye pal hai thehra kyun?

Holding my fingers he taught me to walk.
Held me firmly when i stumbled a rock.

One who remained by my side as a guide forever.

Better was life then as burden was less,
no desires to fulfill and no dreams to chase,
small were the wounds that we did face,
life seemed to be game then but never a race..

Teaching was her passion, said they
tough was her nature.
Thrashes were the blessings
Meant for my bright future.

O Cloud!
The pioneer of rain!

Stop aimlessly hovering around,

do you remember
this foggy eve
met we often with a coffee sip.
now the eve is foggy still

A tender touch with a loving caress,
woke me up from a slumber deep.
her adorable smile made my day,
ever-since my heart, does her affection receive.

me mom and dad
have our happy family small.
they treated me ever,
as their cute loving doll.


Lonely seems the night,
awaiting the dawn.
Lonely is the long street,
and the distant lawn.

chaal rhe thye suni raho me kahin.
tanhai me saath nibha gaya koi.
ruki ruki si hai zindagi humari.
khamosh dhadkano ko dhadka gaya koi.

Having nothing to do, simply killing the time,
Drafting a verse, without a proper rhyme.

Lazy is the moment, with slumber creeping into eyes,

Are you there in the morning Sun?
That wakes me up from my slumber deep,
Reminds me of your tender touch,
And some unknown pain makes me weep.

heart often demands why am i alone,
clouds of disbelief that often hangs upon,
lonely is the way where life is moving on,
golden those memories have passed and gone.

The Lonely rooms have memories adorned,
Full of fun and pangs of Pain.
Laughter echoed the corridors ever,
Dived in the ocean of joyous rain.

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Writing is my passion, i started writing since i was 14 years, i kept nourishing this habit, which initially became my hobby gradually; my passion, ultimately; my desired a student of literature i nurtured my writing since college days. presently, Being a lecturer at a business-school, i somehow manage to steal time for my love, i.e-writing.i got the inspiration of writing poems from my parents who have always been my support in every field. i love to pen-picture all my thoughts in form of poems touching different phases of life and viewing life through different prospective.)

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My Adorable Friend

a friend so loving, adorable and rare;
a heart so tender, full of care.
special is the relation which we do share;
which returned smile to my every single tear.
lets the bond be strong, so time may not dare;
to kill it into pieces and break it ever.
relations never die being far or near;
let us promise to be friends forever.
affectionate as ever you have been;
such a pure soul had i never seen.
lost those smile you'll regain;
may life shower on you a joyous rain.
may the starts ever shine upon you;
filling your life with a golden hue.
to make the pages of life complete and fine;
lucky i'm to have you as friend of mine.

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Rob Lamberton 15 November 2022

to make the pages of life complete and fine. Thank you for this excellent tribute to the value of friendship!

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Sonali Ganguly Quotes

unpredictability of life is the utmost reality.every phase of life has some new lessons to teach. it depends upon us whether we learn or ignore it.

The long sleepless nights either pass in dreams or tears in eyes

minimizing expectation increases the maximization of peace in human life.

compromise or sacrifice - life demands either of this in some phase of life.

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Sonali Ganguly Popularity

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