Kumarmani Mahakul Song Poems

Holy Song Of Freedom

Something is special, today you ping,
The holy song of freedom we all sing.

Ring you ring the ring, you feel zing,

Sweet Song Of This World

Going abode to the space,
We hear this sweet song of the world,
Continuously this melody amazes,
World sings only glory of God ever.

Song Of This Sweet Dusk

Coming to this end of day,
Serenity is shining more,
With new hopes, with love
We say goodbye, dusk sings.

Song Of Sunrise

I am the same sun I have come
This is my new incarnation,
Like a soul in child's body,
In childhood now I crawl.

Love Song Is Tuned In Sweetness

Whole day and night in connectedness,
Mind is singing like humming bird,
From all directions echo is coming,
Purified moment is tuned in love.

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