Valsa George Sonnet Poems

Sonnet.4. As Time Moves

As the day ticks away into twilight dusk
The Sun in fathomless waters will plummet
The Earth will then wear an assassin's mask
This in endless succession shall repeat

Sonnet.1.My Guitar

Oh! Guitar, what music hides in thy heart
That awaits the touch of my soft fingers
As my digit ends move over you in quiet
What melody flows, how it my spirit triggers

Sonnet.5. Smile

Each time your face is lit up by a smile
The world becomes a much happier place
A radiant smile shows that you are hale
It slackens muscles, lighting up your face

Sonnet.2. A Prisoner's Reverie

Breaking open the tightly barred prison gates
Shattering the close fitted iron shackles
His mind flew into freedom's alpine heights
To his beloved home where love nestles

Sonnet.3. Our Home

Our home is a place of unswerving love
A sweet abode of peace we long to have
Here our commitments, we often avow
And dreams colorful, we skillfully weave