Sonnet.1.My Guitar Poem by Valsa George

Sonnet.1.My Guitar

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Oh! Guitar, what music hides in thy heart
That awaits the touch of my soft fingers
As my digit ends move over you in quiet
What melody flows, how it my spirit triggers
Every chord in thee is fastened so tight
If one is loose, the notes run dissonant
With thy melody, thou sustain my heart light
Wonder what sprite hides in this instrument
As I listen to thy finely tuned sounds
How I am kept long suspended in time
To what heights then my wearied soul rebounds
Making my spirit afloat in celestial rhyme

Oh music, flood in me to drown my pain
Can any on Earth your healing power disdain

Daniel Brick 25 July 2014

I like the way you give the guitar itself not just a presence in the creation of music but an actual role as if it too were a person. That's one of the special magical traits of poetry I call the AS IF factor, that is, for the duration of the poem certain things we only imagine are as real as facts. I learned to trust the imagination from the modern poet Wallace Stevens who presents his view of creativity in a poem called THE MAN WITH THE BLUE GUITAR. I like the intimacy of music making your poem conveys with the guitar a participant and not just an object. The spirit of music inhabits every line of this poem, the effect is exhilirating.

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Paul Sebastian 24 July 2014

A beautiful piece that explains why man is one with music. Shakespeare said: 'If music be the food for soul, play on.'

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Chuy Amante 23 July 2014

A timely read for me, and splendid indeed! I was about to write a take-off of the Beatles, As My Guitar Gently Weeps... Loved it! THANKS! A+ for the Professor! ! !

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Brian Johnston 23 July 2014

Like God's own visual poetry of star factories hanging in the night time sky for those with eyes to see, or more close to earth the eclipse of the moon fading to almost non-existence and then reappearing like a game of peek-a boo one plays with a child where only our face is hidden by our hand, alluding to (perhaps) the reemergence, the indestructibility of souls after we pass, so does even the simplest true music deliver the harmonies that are so missing in many of our lives, shaming us that we so often just listen and do not produce more ourselves for others. In this poem dear poet, you make amends for many errors of judgement perhaps even from past lives. Indeed if I had personally to surrender all senses one at a time, even ultimately my sense of being loved by others, in my spiral toward my own ending, it would be music that I surrendered last, as in my dreams of the hereafter it is music that convinces me, not only that there is a God, but that God does love me. The healing, yes, that's it, the healing... Thank you Valsa for this vision of belonging to a future beyond our sight.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 22 July 2014

You entered the world of sonnets through guitar that provides melodious tunes. Your poem provides rhythmic lines beautifully. Thank you.

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Bri Edwards 24 November 2017

favorite lines: Making my spirit afloat in celestial rhyme Oh music, flood in me to drown my pain and thanks for capitalizing Earth. ;) bri :)

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Bri Edwards 24 November 2017

Thank goodness. at last! i really do want to close up the showcase until my upcoming (in 3 days) trip is complete. your poem and perhaps one more should do it! ! ! thanks. and i haven't even finished reading the poem! thou sustain didn't sound right at first. it still sounds 'funny' [to ME], but i guess it IS grammatically correct! :) (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 24 November 2017

i like dissonant/instrument especially. do you play guitar? i would have thought harp, as you are SUCH an angel! ! this shall go to MyPoemList and into my nearly-completed December 2017 showcase. Thanks. the rest of this i sent as a message: (to be cont.)

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 March 2017

Flood in me! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Geetha Jayakumar 02 August 2014

Melodious music played by your Guitar, Was it the music that flowed down to your fingers, right from your heart, or the lovely spirit, played the music for you... It quenches one's soul, When you are drowned, in the flood of pain. It refreshes our heart when each fingers touches the magical strings. Yes, we are the music lovers Please never stop it playing further Valsa Dear! ! ! !

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