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Spencer Zimmerman Poems

1. This Sleepless Slumber 7/13/2012
2. Fragments 7/13/2012
3. Upward Smoke 7/13/2012
4. Circle(S) 7/13/2012
5. On Aversion 8/13/2012
6. Always 8/16/2012
7. Remuneration 8/17/2012
8. Martyr 8/20/2012
9. The Contradicting Self 8/20/2012
10. To Mistake 8/20/2012
11. To Judge 7/12/2012
12. Reach 7/12/2012
13. Deception, Lust, Disgust 1/7/2013
14. Neurosis 8/6/2013
15. Bonds 8/6/2013
16. In Tune 8/6/2013
17. Breathe, Leave 8/6/2013
18. Rake 8/6/2013
19. Soliloquy 8/6/2013
20. Two Die 8/6/2013
21. On The Soul 7/12/2012
22. Behold The Beauty (I'Ve Only Just Begun) 8/20/2012

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Behold The Beauty (I'Ve Only Just Begun)

Behold the beauty.
Problems have their purpose.
We've divided ourselves,
We've battled with disease,
We've claimed self-righteousness,
But for what reason when…
We begin to pick it apart
Tearing life asunder
As if some black portal.
Eschewing faith in the afterlife -
I've only just begun.
Creating a productive self -

Only justly begun to…
Care about relation,
To…give in to the subtlety,
To…fathom the entirety of
All that is present

Is it my brain that sees this?
Or could it be the eyes?
Or is it something...

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On The Soul

I used to feel something in my chest
Now it feels empty; nothing is left
All of life connected; All a big test
As if a trial to see who can live the longest

I tried to pacify
I forgot to look inside
My outreached hand clammed
I witnessed my time turn to sand

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