Oh! Lord!
King of Kings!
You were the most powerful emperor
I had ever seen

On a rainy night
When I was utterly dismayed with life
Walking through the dark drenched street,
I saw an innocent child

A miniscule sperm I was,
When I entered the womb
Ran fleetly beating my counterparts
Searching the land of pleasance for solace

Every night you come in my dream
Flowing through my mind and body like a rampant stream
I thirstily wait for your presence
Like the droughty land waits,

My impuissance always haunted me like a nightmare,
I always stood alone even in a busy fair
My thoughts ghosted me like a vulture looking for its prey,
Even my spirit was bemused when indulged with life in a woozy fray

It's just a matter of time
One day I will be there,
On deathbed,
Lying bare and helpless

Saint, I proclaimed myself!
Until I saw her on that moonlit night,
My celibacy withered with the very thought of her sight,
The spirits were swinging like a swaying tree, out of gust,

Little lily in the pond
Spake to the sun with a taunt
“Your heat is blemishing my beauty”
Sun said, “O Dear! to render heat is my duty”

Down my memory lane,
I could hear the whispers of my heart's silent pain.
The agony of losing a sincere friend,
Even the words fail to explicate, how painful it really meant!

Subtle footsteps of a cold and insensate guest,
I heard it in my chest
Like a rustling noise of dry leaves in autumn
Treading whispers murmured in my auricles like a phantom

In the twilight of my life, I saw a fluttering light
Heaved a sigh of hope, it enthralled my sight
There was a stranger passer-by
She stood with me near-by


Streams of dreams,
About it, I wrote reams and reams

Camouflaged, by
pseudo colours of Virtue,
Evil rise in distinct forms,
shining resplendently

On the sea shore at twilight,
Sun was sinking at horizon with crimson light
The carmine colour spread across the sky,
Roaring sea rose blatantly high

“Oh! Lord, The mightiest!
I have not seen you ever,
Through my naked eyes
Nor, I have ever perceived you

My heart was weeping, but my lips were grinning
The ironies of life always made me a great thespian
The joyous moments are just an illusion,
The drama of pleasure and pain exists with evolution.

When the thoughts wander to search for you
I simply close my eyes
The string of thoughts ceases to exist
And I see you live and bright!

Life is a puzzle with innumerable hassles
Mortals are dim-witted puppets in life’s castle
It pulls a string and watches the play
Agony may follow merry and gay,

Love is a season without a reason
It changes your humour without a lesson
Love is like a fragrance which spread from incenses
It mesmerizes the soul and the senses

Life’s hassles are puzzles for the mortals
Each comes in a platter of chance
One has to be an astute gambler
For opportunity ripe to success only for them


Ruined Emperor

Oh! Lord!
King of Kings!
You were the most powerful emperor
I had ever seen

Alas! What a pity!
Now your kingdom is no more yours
The wind of fortune, sung a hostile tune
Victory kissed the feet of your enemy
Your friends and kins left you alone
Now you are standing bare feet
On this barren land
Under the scorching heat of Sun

Where have those days gone!
When, thou words were command for your people
Where have those days gone!
When, enemies fled with the sight of your shadow
Where have those days gone!
When merchants made bee line-
to offer you their hoarded wealth
Where have those days gone!
When, you had beautiful maidens around you
Who, enchanted you with their youthful essence
Where have those days gone!
When, you laid only on silky mattress,
Wore only the finest leathers on your feet
Where have those days gone!
When, the glasses of wine never left your lips

Everything passes away with the time
Nothing stands there forever
The ultimate truth is revealed
We are all travelers in the caravan of life
Nothing we brought along with us
Nothing will be taken to the ultimate abode

Now stop not, but flow,
Along with the currents of river called “life”
Step aside from those momentary pleasures
They are nothing but fugitive emotions

Walk along the path of renunciation
Watching the mind’s guileful behaviour
No two remains there for long
The clouds of ignorance will move away
When the gust of inner knowledge sway
Revealing the serene soul
Shining brightly,
Spreading rays of thousand Suns.



Anees Rahman 23 May 2010

Good work, But I liked the two sides of life, more, It would be nice if you join' poems at poetry showcase', could be friends there

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