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1. Clearing the Air 2/17/2018
2. Never Start Something You Can Finish 2/17/2018
3. Fang nie etwas an, das du zu Ende bringen kannst 2/17/2018
4. h_ngw_m_n 2/17/2018
5. g_h_ngt_ 2/17/2018
6. Post Mortem 2/17/2018
7. Post Mortem 2/17/2018
8. Solid 2/17/2018
9. Solide 2/17/2018
10. Not Loss but Residue 2/17/2018
11. Twisting 2/17/2018
12. Five Falls, Kuttralam 2/17/2018
13. Surviving The Fall Meant Using You For Handholds 2/17/2018
14. Synaesthetic 2/17/2018
15. A work of art is a problem' 2/19/2018
16. Mistaken Identity 2/19/2018
17. Mistaken Identity 2/19/2018
18. Twisting 2/19/2018
19. Five Falls, Kuttralam 2/19/2018

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Never Start Something You Can Finish

The poet dreams a painting. She owns it or a part of it with two other people she does not know. Which part of it does she own?

In the painting there is a tree, a mountain and something that could be an open mouth but when she looks directly at it, it becomes the colour rust. The mouth should belong to the sky because it spits out possibilities and the tree has a branch hacked down though the mountain remains as steadfast or true as it is possible for the poet's time-bound eyes to comprehend.

Who are these other two people who own the rest of the painting? The poet has heard ...

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Clearing the Air

After the untimely death
there were priests
five of them sitting on chairs
and not one purifying fire
between them.

Their chants were hard stones
spit out into the air
their feet churned keeping

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