Snowman, snowman round and white;
I wonder what you can do at night;
Snowman, snowman let's have a fun;
Before you melt in the warm spring sun;

There is nothing like a good friend;
To tell your troubles to;
Someone to open up with;
Someone to talk through ;

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die,
Life is broken - winged bird,
That cannot fly,

A true friend always give guidance to another friends;
Who always helps us, when we are in great danger;
He / she never hurt us and always pay a good behavior to us;
Making a true friend is not easy for us,

The palace seems to be creepy at night;
Which gives us the scariest vision;
It is very large and lofty;
Which made us to hear different noises from the palace;


Earth is like our mother;
In which we live;
It moves around the sun;
The size is large and shape is round;

Love is what that everybody needs,
Loving a person gives him / her more pleasure,
Which comes from our mind,
It is in the shape of heart,

Hills seems to be greenery in nature;
When the sun light falls on the Hills, it seems very elegant;
When we look at the hills, we feel very much pleasure;
It gives us the alluring vision;

Looks like the sun sitting in the sky;
Feels like something breathing hot air on me;
Sounds like the sun crackling on the earth;
Smells like salty ssea water;

I had a cat, who was so fat;
He could not even sit in his mat;
He had a hat, that did not fit;
He put it on, and then he it split;

The trees have been watered down
And you haven't been the earth loved you
More than anything but no leaves are sprouting
No marks are making home on the surface of your skin


If I could write from
This is what did I say
Please don't miss me too much
I'm with you throughout your day

The sky looks blue in nature
Which shows us the incredible sight
Sometimes it get covered with clouds
Sometimes it forms the Rainbow, which seems very pretty from the far

If you always try your best;
Then you will never have to wonder;
About what you could have done;
If you'd summoned all your thunder;


Life is a beauty, admire it;
Life is a dream, realize it;
Life is a challenge, meet it;
Life is a duty, complete it;

Snow falls during winter;
Which makes us freeze;
It is white in color;
When we play with the snow, it makes us very much pleasure;

Come to the beach, where the sea is blue;
And little white waves come running at you;
A wave comes splashing over your toes;
You just Stand still and away it goes;

When the night falls,
And your eyes meet, with someone
All you can see is yourself;


I love spring
For everyday
There is something new
That is come to stay


Everything is nature;
God gave us this feature;
Birds fly in the sky;
And the mountains are so lofty;


Snowman ⛄

Snowman, snowman round and white;
I wonder what you can do at night;
Snowman, snowman let's have a fun;
Before you melt in the warm spring sun;


Dr Dillip K Swain 15 March 2022

I have read just two of your poems. I appreciate your innate talent. Keep writing.

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Thank youuu sir

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Unnikrishnan E S 15 March 2022

A budding poet of great talent, keen power of observation and immense creativity. We expect more poems from her pen.

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Thank u sir for ur lovely comme

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Beauty is the only thing, which can change the view of the nature

Hard work makes a person sucessfull in life

Practice makes a man perfect in life

Respect is the positive thing which we can pay for our teachers as well as parents

Time is very precious for us

God helps those who help themselves

Love is what that everybody needs ❤

Reading books gives us more ideas about everything

Silence is the golden

Helping a person is a good habit which is related to the positive activity

People loves those person who always speaks the truth

Death is common to all the people

A good behavior is expected by everyone

A real friend always gives guidance to another friend

Try makes us the possibility of everything

Never give yourself to anyone

Nature creates our mind refresh

Don't stop until you're proud

Believe you can and you're halfway there

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says impossible

Never ignore yourself because you're the only one who have the capability of doing everything

Always try your best to achieve your goal

Happiness brings the worthless

Earth is just like our mother

A selfish man is ignored by everyone

Smile brings changes in our faces

An honest man is loved by everyone

Never spoil nature because nature is just like our best friend

One should stand behind one's danger

Always think positive

An evil power couldn't catch a strong man

Life is full of success, pain, happiness and sorrow

Becoming lazy is a negative sign

Our dreams can be fulfilled by extreme hardwork

Ability makes the capability of doing everything

Making a real friend is not easy for us, We have to search for it more

Time is what, which doesn't wait for us, for each and every moment we have to utilize it

Everyone keeps a trust on God

Friendship is a kind of relationship which gives us more pleasure when we are making it

Be proud what you're

An educated person always try to educate others

If someone admires you that means he / she appreciates your talent

An education gives us more knowledge about everything

Abusing a person makes him / her disappointed

A person feels guilty when he / she is incorrect

When you get tired learn to rest, not quiet

Parents always try the best of their wards, so that their wards couldn't suffer in future

Money is something which we need more

Who want to know I'm in love? Read the first word again

Cleanliness keeps us away from diseases

Error Success