>Starr Williams<

Rookie (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

>Starr Williams< Poems

1. Tanka 5/13/2006
2. The Crystal Fall 4/25/2006
3. The Tide 4/3/2006
4. Little Black Bird 7/9/2006
5. Opposite 4/21/2006
6. King Of Glory 12/25/2006
7. Sometimes I Wonder 5/13/2006
8. Tired River 5/13/2006
9. Unsung Song 5/13/2006
10. Quiet Diamante 4/21/2006
11. Do Not Judge 7/9/2006
12. In A Song 5/7/2006
13. One Window 5/13/2006
14. Race 4/21/2006
15. To Me...You Are 6/11/2006
16. Fall Thoughts 5/15/2006
17. I Am 7/3/2006
18. For Such A Time As This 6/11/2006
19. I Would Have Lived 6/19/2006
20. Wind 4/20/2006
21. A Lost Poem 6/19/2006
22. Breathing Place (Yellow Moon) 6/8/2006
23. Poetry-My Window 6/11/2006
24. Can You Imagine? 4/21/2006
25. A Scary Dream 5/13/2006
26. Color Me Red 5/15/2006
Best Poem of >Starr Williams<

Color Me Red

Red is deep anger that never comes out
Red is believing, and then having doubt.
Red reeks of revenge, of suffering and hate.
Red is being thirsty and having to wait.

Red, in a painting, makes one hot and confused,
It’s the anger of crying when you feel you’ve been used.
Red is that voice, deep in your head,
It could keep you back, but pushes ahead.

It mocks you silently with a voice full of hate,
“You can’t do it, you are weak, and it is your fate.”
Red feels like fire, singeing your heart,
It’s wanting to be together, but having to ...

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Can You Imagine?

A sky that’s not blue,
A dog with no tail,
A lie that is true,
A sea with no whale.
How could it be,
To love with no heart,
A leaf with no tree,
For the Pacific to part.
A toe that talks,

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