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Color Me Red

Red is deep anger that never comes out
Red is believing, and then having doubt.

A Scary Dream

Housewives as the nights,
Came through,
The ceiling swung,
And then it grew

Can You Imagine?

A sky that’s not blue,
A dog with no tail,
A lie that is true,
A sea with no whale.

Poetry-My Window

If you’ve ever tried to catch a cloud,
to ride a rainbow,
to save the sunshine in a jar.
Then you know how it feels

Breathing Place (Yellow Moon)

Yellow moon peeps at me
Behind the shadows of the night.
Rises slow among the leaves,
Spreading eerie yellow light.

A Lost Poem

Last night I had this amazing poem,
stuck in my head,
But much to tired, I thought, “Oh I’ll remember.”
and jumped into bed!


Wind is an audible whisper,
It’s a secret, and it’s a laugh,
Murmured through the timeless trees,
From ancient ages past.

I Would Have Lived

I would have lived,
I would have sung.
May have been your best friend,
but instead you have no-one.

For Such A Time As This

For such a time as this,
We are to be strong through storm and rain,
All those who linger in the Grey,
Will only cause more pain.

I Am

I am
Life, Truth, Wisdom,
I love long summer days spent with the best of friends.
Faith, Honesty, and God are important to me,

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